Sunday, November 25, 2007

Little Mr. Attitude

So the other day I was lying on my back while Josh read the scriptures aloud, pressing down on my belly with my fingers. I was in the middle of absently pushing on my tummy to see what reaction the baby would have, when suddenly I found out.


My fingers went flying off. What a kick! A little someone did not like me intruding into his personal space! I was so startled that tears came to my eyes.

A few moments later, Josh was able to feel the baby move for the first time. But I think Jr. only elbowed his daddy, because it wasn't nearly as strong as the kick I had experienced moments before.

This little person growing inside of me does unexpected things all the time, completely independent of whatever my own body is doing. Yesterday I felt him kicking me in body parts I didn't even know I had! My poor spleen!


Andrea said...

Adele, I didn't realize you were so far along! How exciting, to feel that first kick:)

Jen said...

O remember, remember! O boy do I remember! Leah was probably my strongest kicker. She had this one place on my ribcage she LOVED to kick! Its great! Congratulations on hitting another major milestone. May the weird dreams commence. Stories to share later... ;)

Lori said...

oh yay! Josh showed me your guys' blog and I'm glad I get to read it now. I've just started really feeling movement, but sam hasnt felt it yet. Your pregnant pics are lookin' awfully cute by the way. I'm glad you're posting them, life's just more fun that way.

Linda said...

Jr. was probably practicing kicking field goals. Must be his father's son.