Monday, January 7, 2008


Out in Oklahoma, we got to visit with lots of family for Christmas 2007! It's too bad we didn't get a family picture while everyone was there...
(But...Jen put on her alien hair for the occasion. Of course Kristen helped out. She's the expert in the family, on doing alien hair that is.)

Poor Leah was a little under-the-weather during lots of the Christmas excitement, but still found the energy to open her presents. Here Leah is reading a letter from Santa with her dad...

I pointed at my tummy and told Mason there was a baby in there. Mason frantically tried to find the baby, but all he found was a plain ol' tummy. So he proceeded to search my belly button with determination, just in case. I explained that the baby was inside, and that's why he couldn't find him. Mason then showed me his tummy so I'd know that he had a baby, too.

And Owen is a cutie-face like always.

Here I am...only three months left!! (yeah, three months is forever.)

And I just have to put a picture on here of Josh with the little beard face he grew over Christmas. Which, of course, he had to shave off. Hmph.

italics by Josh