Sunday, February 3, 2008

Finally February!

2 months left!

The top 10 most wonderful things about being 31.5 weeks pregnant:

10. You always know exactly where the nearest bathroom is located.
9. Your husband lets you have an Orange Dream Machine Jamba Juice for dinner because that's all you ever wanted.
8. You forget what the word "sleep" actually means, and you get to start thinking about fun new words like "epidural" and "episiotomy."
7. People are always telling you that you look cute even though you really look like an elephant.
6. Your belly button starts to disappear.
5. Everyone around you is always talking about babies for some reason. Babies babies babies.
4. The baby often jumps up and down on your bladder to make things more exciting.
3. You get to eat little pastel-colored candies called Tums all the time.
2. You get to cry a lot and nobody expects you to make up an excuse.
1. Every time you see a baby, you go crazy. Your husband assures you that someday, in the distant future, you will have one of those too.

And in other news from this past month...

We got a very short (hope it's longer next time!!) visit from Camilla and Ryan,

One of our neighbors made a snow crocodile,

And we put up some lovely new curtains.


Jen said...

I love the red curtains. And in 28 days you can play with 3 kiddos that ADORE you. They should help the time pass till your own "little man" makes his appearance. :)Leah can't wait!

ericaelastic said...

Five reasons why this entry rocked:

1. You're in it!
2. Your cute, belly-button-less belly is in it!
3. Orange Dream Machines are yummy.
4. Snow crocodile = awesome.
5. Josh matches the curtains.

Ryan & Camilla said...

Haha! What a dream of a blog entry (really, I've read some real long-winded uber-personal-in-an-uncomfortable-way ones lately, as it seems that the entire world has suddenly discovered blogging and everyone has one now). Too bad about your creepy looking sister- I mean really, she looks like she's been locked away in a creepy-mobile for hours and hours- her hub's cute though.

Lori said...

Yay, what a great post. I definitely dug the pics.

Jack and Bernice said...

Wow, I can not agree more with your top 10 list. I hear ya girl!!

YM Folk Band said...

Where is two more months of baby growing going to go???

michele said...

adele, i think the doctor miscalculated your due date. that baby's probably coming tomorrow.