Thursday, March 6, 2008

One month left!

As this little baby wiggles around inside, I am so grateful that he's moving. And when he has the hiccups -- I picture this tiny little baby with the hiccups, and it makes me smile.

I think about holding him; I think about his warm little body all sleepy and snuggled in my arms. I think about how his cheeks will be rosy and soft and how I will want to give him lots of kisses.

I think about him calling me "Mommy" when he learns how to talk. I think about him coming to me, crying, when he scrapes his knee. I think about him dressed in a little white shirt and tie, running out of Primary with a picture of Jesus he has colored. I think about him shrieking with delight as his daddy chases him around the room to catch him and tickle him.

I wonder what he'll look like. I wonder what he'll be like. Will he be loud? Rambunctious? Quiet? Inquisitive? Will he cherish the same things we do? Will he be respectful and studious when he is older? Will he be kind? Will he be hard to handle? Rebellious? Will I cry when he decides to disobey?

I wonder if we will be able to keep him safe from harm. What if something happens to him?

Will we teach him everything he needs to know?

All these thoughts go through my head as I wait for our little firstborn baby to come. Whoever or however he is, I'm going to love him with all my heart.


Bill Karoly said...

I think about poopy diapers, loud screams because his teeth are coming in, late night feedings, etc etc. Plus all the other good stuff. :)

ericaelastic said...

Maybe it's just me, but the last few months have flown by. I can't wait to meet the little guy either, even if it's just through a blog.

Anonymous said...

I just realized something- #1. You're my sister. #2. You're having a baby. (okay, so that's two things, but they are connected.) Congratulations! Lovely thoughts.

NoSurfGirl said...

so. so. so. true.

I'm going to go kiss my rosy cheeked baby now... thank you for the reminder :)

Sarah said...

Adele, you are adorable! Can I say it enough? You will be a wonderful mom. He is one lucky little guy to get you!