Friday, April 4, 2008

Just a-bloggin'.

Here's our Hawaii quilt (thank you, Jen!)
and crib...

Here's the lovely rocker (thank you, Mother!)...

Here's the cutest lil' carseat ever (thank you to Truckers D)...
do you see the little jungle animals? It has a matching stroller, too.

And here are some pictures from the baby shower!

Lots of people there helped work on a rocketship quilt for Jr.
As you can see, even the guys put stitches in!

Thank you to everyone who has helped us get ready for our little guy!!


Becky said...

oh man, I'm so sorry, Adele, that I couldn't come to your shower... I was, ya know, not feelin' so good. I hope it was so much fun and that you got tons of goods!

ericaelastic said...

So much cuteness!

sallysue said...

Junior definitely has no reason to hold off coming! (He may have come, it has been a whole day...)

Do you know if he has a fav color yet?

And in reply to shoe stuffs, I hope you know I blame you for my interest in shoes. :)

Hope all's going well.