Thursday, April 3, 2008

Just a-waitin'.

I know what you're can she be blogging in the hospital? Is she not just a little busy with other things at the moment?

Well, the truth is, I'm not in the hospital. In fact I'm doing just fine, here at home, like always. Just waiting here, with this big ol' tummy, for these contractions to actually do something. I told Jr. to come yesterday (as well as many other days before that) but he doesn't seem to be listening. Oh Jr., when will you ever listen to your mother?

I guess he'll come when he comes, but they'll induce me next week if he can't make up his mind soon...and I would really rather not be induced.

I took some pictures of our little nursery, but alas, our laptop is no longer working so I can't upload them. You'll just have to imagine our cozy dark green micro-fiber rocker/recliner in the corner, our dresser topped by a blue and yellow ducky diaper bag, and our cognac wood crib complete with blue sheet, dust ruffle, and baby bumper pad. And just yesterday we put an ABC quilt brought to us from Hawaii on the wall above the crib-- yes, our son will know the alphabet at only days old. He'll be a smarty pants.

Any day now.


Becca said...

Do you have a trampoline? ;)
Hope your laptop gets fixed soon!

Kyle and Alli said...

Josh, I just stumbled upon your blog today... I sure can't wait for your little one to appear!!

michele said...

Adele, remember the game "steam-roller" that no one ever wanted to play? you should do that, down a grassy hill. that might help junior make up his mind!

Sarah said...

Oh Adele! I can only imagine! I haven't gone over due and I don't think I could handle it!! I can tell you that induction is not so bad. I was induced with my second and she came so fast! It was actually kind of nice to know EXACTLY when I would be going in to have her.

NoSurfGirl said...

oooh I like the steam roller idea. Except I don't think you'd get very far. :P

I heard that jumping on a trampoline can get things going, but I'm not sure how much baby would love that method. He's saying, Mom, it's so nice and warm in here. Just fifteen more minutes? Two hours? Two more days, please?

ericaelastic said...

A friend told me about someone he knew who jumped on a trampoline to induce. Sounds iffy, if you ask me. Oy, the waiting!