Friday, July 18, 2008

Ten Things Junes Likes to Do

1. blow bubbles

2. lounge around and get fat

3. try and look tough (just ignore the duckies)

4. chill with friends

"psssst....let's get out of here!" "dude, whatever, man! i'm buckled in!"

5. talk

6. turn onto his tummy

7. try to crawl

8. be super excited

9. grab things

10. look adorable


Sarah said...

He is adorable! I nanny for a baby his exact age, and she's learning to do the same things... its so fun to watch.

Josh said...

Man we make cute babies.

Lori said...

Oh he's just getting cuter and cuter! Nice work you guys.

Bill Karoly said...

A fine and fitting example of the superiority of the Hungarian, German, Swiss, English, French bloodlines. Throw in a little Hun in there for safe measure!

NoSurfGirl said...

He and his cousin would have a lot to say to each other. :)

My favorite is the bubbles picture.

Ryan & Camilla said...

Junior's ability to successfully get four bubbles, side by side, same size, in an exact row, is saying something about his talents. Get that kid in commercials, and get him there fast!

Steph said...

Josh is right, you two DO make cute babies!! lol. Well I guess just BABY for right now. I love how he blows bubbles! hee hee.

motherblackham said...

I want MORE...

Jackie said...

I just want to play with him and have him tell me all about his life.

jensenlife said...

awwww, i think i might copy you and make a 10 things ella and julia love to do post! i have always loved your ideas! and i am pretty sure our kids are soul mates!(i wont tell them if you dont that they might be distantly related)