Wednesday, August 6, 2008

the Joshes



what do you think? do they look alike???


Lori said...

Too cute!!! I can totally see the resemblance. Plus, josh was a darn cute kid, i'm glad you posted the pic.

Josh said...

I think Josh was cuter in 2008 than 1981. Probably cause of his mommy in 2008. Whoever the dad is must be one lucky guy to have a kid and obviously a mom who is so cute.

Morgen Newill said...

I think JR is most cute because he has your attitude!!!! And he is my number 2 man don't you worry ;)
Oh and my book is on loan but should be back in a day or so and its all yours if you still need it! Thanks for commenting on my blog!

Linda said...

I still maintain the similarities in eyebrows.

The Nates said...

I'm going to have to say that I think JR looks a lot like his Mommy! Sorry Josh! He's still lucky to have you as his Daddy!


Steph said...

auh they are both such cute babies! I think they do have a lot of resemblance, but Josh Jr obviously has a lot of your features too :) Either way you have one cute baby!