Monday, September 29, 2008

Junior on the Verge

Adele pleasantly surprised me with this video and so I thought I'd pleasantly surprise her with a blog post.

He isn't quite to crawling yet...

...but the fish will only be safe for so long.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Closer to thirty than twenty...

I would like to thank Joshua Emerson for the following bday gifts:

1. He cut his first tooth the day before and didn't bite me.
2. He slept for 11 hours straight the night before, and then slept for 2 more hours.
3. He ate his first spoonfuls of rice cereal ever and then went to bed a half hour early.
4. Josh Sr. and I got to eat out at Bombay House together for the third year in a row, and he didn't terrorize his babysitters.

What a great son.

Thank you
to everyone who made my birthday so special this year.

I would like to conclude with my birthday card from Camilla:

Saturday, September 20, 2008

merrily karliks

Would you be our friend still if our last name were Karlik instead of Karoly? Or would you take our blog off your list of "friends" blogs?

Well don't worry, you don't have to change your friends listings, our last name is still Karoly. But if it weren't for the guy you see above, we'd be Karliks today if we existed at all.

I really believe that God cares about us knowing where we came from, and not just so we can have a family pedigree chart on a piece of paper (or computer screen). There is something special about knowing where you came from and those who got you where you are today.

My great-grandfather Bennett Karoly (the guy looking tough in the picture above) did not like talking about his past. And because of that we didn't know much about it. He was an iron worker in California who told his wife that he was an only child that left home when he was 21 because his parents wanted him to join the ministry and he didn't want to. Any questions about his past he would shrug off or not answer in detail. It was always felt in the family that he was hiding something.

As a family we have been searching for decades to learn more about my great-grandfather. And up until the beginning of last year we still didn't know much more about him than we did when he died.

It started with an FBI report, well at the time the FBI was called the BOI (Bureau of Investigations) so it was a BOI report. We found it on a year and a half ago. Bennett was picked up near Tijuana on 10 Sep 1918 suspected of trying to skip the country to dodge the WWI draft. He told the investigator that he had come down from Watertown, NY to Los Angeles for work and just wanted to check out Mexico since he was so close. The investigator basically just gave him a warning and told him to make sure he registered for the draft on 12 Sep (in two days). The investigator closed his report by saying he thought Bennett was going to "go straight."

On 12 Sep 1918 Bennett registered for the draft. He said he had just turned 21 on 10 Sep 1918 (he told the BOI investigator that he was 34, probably to divert suspicions that he was dodging the draft) and that his mother's name was Mary Karoly. Later though, when he got married in 1922, he said his mother's name was Hermina and gave a maiden name of Haupman. He also said his father's name was Charles Karoly. The maiden name of his mother he gave on his marriage certificate eventually became the key to knowing his past and our family.

We tried to find Bennett's parents in the census and couldn't find a Karoly family that matched. But... we did find a Charles and Hermine Karlik in Syracuse NY. In 1910 they had a son named Bela the same age as Bennett would have been as well as five other children. In June 1918 Bela Karlik registered for the WWI draft while he was working in Watertown, NY for a company that manufactured train parts (iron work). Except for a few newspaper articles that say Bela is supposed to report to military duty we can find no other records for Bela Karlik. When Bela's mother Hermine died in 1926 he was not mentioned in her obituary as one of her children she was leaving behind.

At this point we were getting very hopeful that Bennett Karoly and Bela Karlik were the same person. Last week, in an effort to know what Hermine Karlik's maiden name was, we sent in a request to NY for Hermine Karlik's death certificate hoping it would have her maiden name. On Thursday September 18th we recieved a letter post marked 12 Sep 2008 (90 years to the day that Bennett registered for the draft in Los Angeles). It was Hermine Karlik's death certificate. Her maiden name, Hauptman. The same maiden name as Bennett's mother.

We couldn't believe it, yet everything we had found prior to the death certificate had us almost 100% convinced that Bennett Karoly and Bela Karlik were the same person. Then yesterday my dad and I found a name and phone number of what could have been one of Bela Karlik's nephews. My dad called the number without me knowing and when I suggested that he call him he told me he was on the phone with him and that it was Bela Karlik's nephew.

My dad found out that the Karlik family had always wondered what happened to Bela. His mother was heartbroken. He had also destroyed all pictures of himself the family had before he took off. We sent Bela's nephew the picture above. He said as soon as he and his wife opened the email they knew he was a Karlik; he looked just like his siblings.

Despite the length of this post, I left a lot of info out to try and save you from boredom as much as possible. But during this past year and a half we have had documents basically just fall into our lap that have led us to know who our great-grandfather, Bennett Karoly, was. And now, while my grandfather is in the last years of his life, he gets to know who his father and grandfather were before he passes away.

I really do think God wants us to know our heritage.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Junior's First Date

Although the date with Addie started off a little rough...

"i don't like girls!!"

"are you sure?"

"girls aren't really that bad, are they?"

"well, i .... uh ... um ..."

"i guess girls aren't really
that bad." soon got much better.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Forgive me....

...just a few more pictures!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I don't know if you've spent much time with lil josh, but if you have, you know that he has a bit of a reputation. He has always been extremely active, curious, and passionate about everything he does.

In other words, he is loud. And a little hard to handle. Which can be inconvenient during church.

But lately his overall demeanor has been improving. He has calmed down, and spends more of the day as a happy baby. He laughs and laughs. He loves peek-a-boo and getting his tummy raspberried.

Often, when he wakes up and I come into his room to get him, he greets me with a huge smile. Today I was trying to do the dishes, and he kept getting this big grin on his face whenever I looked at him. Very distracting.

His chubby cheeks beg me to kiss them. They're just so....chubby!

I love cheering him on as he tries desperately to get his tummy
off of the floor and crawl. Any day now!

I find myself saying over and over again, "You're so cute!" all day long. I think I sound pretty silly.

Sometimes I really just can't take it and I am overwhelmed by how much I love my son. Sometimes I ask him to be grumpy, just to give me a break.