Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I don't know if you've spent much time with lil josh, but if you have, you know that he has a bit of a reputation. He has always been extremely active, curious, and passionate about everything he does.

In other words, he is loud. And a little hard to handle. Which can be inconvenient during church.

But lately his overall demeanor has been improving. He has calmed down, and spends more of the day as a happy baby. He laughs and laughs. He loves peek-a-boo and getting his tummy raspberried.

Often, when he wakes up and I come into his room to get him, he greets me with a huge smile. Today I was trying to do the dishes, and he kept getting this big grin on his face whenever I looked at him. Very distracting.

His chubby cheeks beg me to kiss them. They're just so....chubby!

I love cheering him on as he tries desperately to get his tummy
off of the floor and crawl. Any day now!

I find myself saying over and over again, "You're so cute!" all day long. I think I sound pretty silly.

Sometimes I really just can't take it and I am overwhelmed by how much I love my son. Sometimes I ask him to be grumpy, just to give me a break.


Josh said...

Wow, I have such a great family!

Kyle & Jill Revell said...

You guys, he is so cute! I just love the chubby cheeks!

sallysue said...

Josh is so right - he does have a great family!
The best mum who loves her adorable big eyed chubby cheeked son, and a dad who loves them both. You all make me so happy to see!

NoSurfGirl said...

I love those smiles. What great blackham (and ok yes all right, Karoly too) genes!

Lori said...

Arent happy babies SUCH a distraction? I dont know how any mother gets anything productive done with an adorable face smiling at them all day. Addie will make noises or laughs just so i'll look at her, then she'll smile for 20 minutes straight just because she got my attention. EIGRP doesnt stand a chance against her!

Baby josh is definitely too cute with his smiles and I'm glad he's being more and more easy going for you.

Shannon said...

That little boy is too cute. I love his smile -- his whole face lights up! Cute pics.

Linda said...

He is so cute! He is so cute! He is so cute! He is so cute! He is so cute! See...I can't stop saying it either.

Chloe and Tyler said...

Wow, I can see how his face could be a definite distraction...how adorable!!! I hope we have a cute baby boy, I'm a little nervous:D