Thursday, October 16, 2008

three babies and a cookie...

the daddies

the mommies

the babies


i've got an idea....
let's go get those cookies over there!

wait! keep your cool, guys,
it's a grownup.
i'm trying, i'm trying...

wow, jacob,
that's a very good poker-face.

they'll never suspect.

there, there, josh, it's ok.
but i want cookies now!
i'm tired of rice cereal!

i'm telling you-- i can't wait any longer!

ok, looks like the grownups are gone.
when josh gives the signal,

we'll go for it.
i give that plan a thumbs up!

ready, set, jump!


Lori said...

Ha ha... too good. I'm such a sucker for baby commentaries. Well done.

Katie B said...

you such an eavesdropper

Erica said...

Remember how we said someday we could go into business -- I would write stories, and you would illustrate them? I think you need to launch out on your own, lady; these are beautiful, hilarious, and intrepid!

Jenny said...

I love your posts w/ babies "talking". Miss you guys!

Linda said...

You could probably hear me laughing all the way to Provo. Sorry, I just can't help it!

NoSurfGirl said...

LOL!!! You should make a book of these things. I'd buy it!!

Shannon said...

you guys are too funny. seriously. this just cracks me up.

The Atwaters said...

This picture story is very cute :)