Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm dreamin' of a... Book Christmas!

Butterfly in the sky, I can go twice as high
Take a look, it's in a book - Reading Rainbow.

I can go anywhere!
Friends to know and ways to grow - Reading Rainbow.

I can be anything!
Take a look, it's in a book - Reading Rainbow.

Sorry, I just wanted to start off with a song.

So my friend sallysue linked to some good articles in a recent blog post about BOOKS. I thought the ideas in the articles were right on the money and wanted to quote a little from two of them:

This one was called The Christmas Book Challenge:

"So, let's challenge ourselves to give books. This Christmas, buying gifts for your children's friends? Let your kids choose books for those gifts. For neighbors, friends, teachers, family: give books. You can find $3 books in bookstores (mass market paperbacks or early reader books), or go all the way up to a $30 hardcover for nicer gifts. There are so many to choose from. Let's make it a literary holiday. Get books into people's hands! Flood the earth with stories!"

And the other article talked about how the economic crisis is seriously affecting the publishing of books:

"For anyone who cares about the book publishing industry and wants to do their part, there's one simple action step:

Buy a book this weekend.

Just buy one.

Buy your sister a book instead of a sweater for her birthday; buy your friend who can't even make toast or boil water a beginner's cookbook; buy your company's receptionist a novel you liked because most people probably ignore him/her... and you'll make his/her day.

Buy your holiday gifts now. Instead of a CD for your brother, buy him a book on his favorite recording artist.
Instead of going to the library this one week buy the book you were going to read--it might only be a difference of a couple of bucks in the end.

One day this week, make a peanut butter sandwich, skip going out for lunch, and buy a paperback....

...Got a non-reading friend with a birthday? Buy them a book and tell them it's high time they got over it. Or, more kindly, that you're doing it to sponsor your own future writing career. Or blame me if you must; I can take it.

It doesn't matter what. It doesn't have to be a literary fiction hardcover. It could be a $5.99 mass market nutrition guide, a $4.99 young reader chapter book, a Harlequin romance.

Your money will still prevent returns of other books--literary fiction is usually the first to go--and will trickle down to the publishing companies, who will then be more likely to be able to afford to publish unprofitable literary fiction. Even if it's not by your favorite author or your favorite publishing house, your favorites will be indirectly affected."

I think these are some good ideas! Maybe I will try them out...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

the babyjosh show

the babyjosh show: how to snack on leaves
today's guest lecturer: addie

thanks for comin' out today, addie!

no prob, babyjosh!
now let's get started!

first, you take a leaf...

then you bring it up to your mouth...
got it...

get a good look at it...
mm hm, mm hm...

and you... pop it in!
wait, slow down...

see? all gone!

no really, look in my mouth! it's not there!
i seem to have dropped mine...

that was impressive, addie!
it's actually harder than it looks!

don't worry, friend. practice makes perfect!

tune in next time for...
the babyjosh show:
how to snack on other babies

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Which Picture?

We are trying to choose a good family picture!
Which one do you like best?

(Lori and Sam took these pics for us the other day at the Riverwoods trail. Too bad we couldn't get all three of us smiling and looking at the camera at the same time!)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

If someone paid you a million dollars to...

...name your baby after their company -- like Carl's Jr., Burger King, Nike or Yahoo -- would you do it?

I mean, hey, it's a million dollars.

Friday, November 14, 2008

A tag of my thoughts

I am - a mommy.

I want - frozen yogurt. I always do.

I hear - the freeway. It kinda sounds like the ocean. It's like beachfront property, but cheaper!

I never - want to go back to work at the job I was doing before I had jr. Never never never never never never never never never never never never.

I wonder - what life after death is like.

I always - clear the dryer lint screen. When I was little my mother told me that once a mommy started a fire because she didn't.

I usually - wear black.

I search - for pants that fit me right. And don't even get me started on maternity pants! Sometimes short people have babies too, you know.

I am not - a cook. My poor husband is a very good sport about it.

I dance - with my baby.

I sing - to my baby. I usually take some tune I know and change the words to "I love you I love you you're cute" or some such silliness. You're a Grand Old Flag works better than you might think.

I wish - I could lose that baby weight...

I dislike - it when people make hateful comments on the internet. Would people act like that if they weren't anonymously writing from the comfort of their own home? How hateful, hurtful, and crude people can be.

I rarely - put pants on my baby. Why wear pants if you don't have to? Especially if you're going to have to wear them for the rest of your life. Enjoy it while you can, jr. Enjoy it while you can.

I cry - about very silly things. Once I cried while watching Saturday's Warrior.

I am not always - excited about jr. growing up. There are so many sad, terrible things that he will have to learn about, and he is so sweet and innocent...

I lose - at Skipbo. But only sometimes. And always on purpose. I mean, how would you feel if your wife kept winning, over and over again? Just doing my duty as a loving wife.

I fear - that something terrible will happen to my family. I know, it's a pessimistic attitude. But I can't help it!

I'm confused - about an old friend who I went to high school with. She has found success and fame in the world, but at what expense? Fame can destroy a person. I only hope it doesn't destroy her.

I need - turkey on Thanksgiving. Ham just doesn't cut it.

I should - eat more vegetables. Blech.

I dream - of writing a book. A good book. I have ideas, but they get so cheesy when I try to do something with them.

I have - never been tagged before. Thanks, Lori :)

I love - life! And my joshes, of course.

I tag - YOU! please???

Monday, November 10, 2008





i miss my hair!

well, maybe it's not that bad...

okay, i love it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

He Crawls!

Jr. has dedicated his entire life to reaching this goal. Now what? Well... he is already standing himself up using every piece of furniture within reach...

P.S. Please excuse a doting mother for blogging excessively about her son. I'm just so proud!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Any suggestions?

I'm having such a hard time getting jr. to eat solids. We've given him squash, peas, carrots, green beans, applesauce and peaches (we started by giving him the vegetables, a new one every 3 days). And more and more he is just closing his mouth and refusing to eat. Even the fruits! Yesterday I put some rice cereal in his peas to improve the taste and it seemed to work the first time, but the second time he didn't want it anymore and then started choking (it was actually very scary!) because it was too thick.

As you can see, more is ending up on his face than in his tummy...

Any suggestions for how to get him to eat?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Adventures of Froggy Prince Jr

ribbet, ribbet.

i've got to find someone to kiss me and break the spell!

oh fair pirate maiden, i am begging you!
kiss me so i can turn into a prince!

"um..... nah."

aww, now i'll never turn into a prince!

i guess i'll just sit here...

...livin' the lonely life of a froggy.

oh ho!
on the bright side, i never have to eat squash again!