Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Adventures of Froggy Prince Jr

ribbet, ribbet.

i've got to find someone to kiss me and break the spell!

oh fair pirate maiden, i am begging you!
kiss me so i can turn into a prince!

"um..... nah."

aww, now i'll never turn into a prince!

i guess i'll just sit here...

...livin' the lonely life of a froggy.

oh ho!
on the bright side, i never have to eat squash again!


Lori said...

Ha ha ha. Addie is SO not about to put out in that one pic. Too funny.

He was the cutest little frog prince. I just loved him in that costume.

Sam said...

Your baby makes a cute frog prince!! I would have given him tons of kisses! p.s. where did you hear that cookie business was going under? Clea is sooo sad. We had to go shopping as soon as we saw.

sallysue said...

Adele, I love you.
This made me so happy!

Margaret said...

DANG you're funny!!

Linda said...

If I get ahold of that little prince (frog or otherwise) he would get SO many kisses he might wish he were in another kingdom.

NoSurfGirl said...

what a cute costume. Absolutely perfect for junior. This year, Emma went as a princess and the other two were leopards... just kidding. They had to stay home because of the good old C of P.

But emma got to go. And so now everyone gets candy. So it's all good.

Erin R. said...

So cute! It looks like you guys had a great Halloween!!

Steph said...

Oh man! That was quite possibly the cutest and funniest story I've ever read! :) Your baby is adorable! I love his costume!!