Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ode to Something Grand

To sit in a meadow, the wind in my hair
The grass whispers softly, I'm hardly aware
Suddenly I hear it-- O, sweet welcome sound!
The ring of my cell phone brings me back to the ground
True comfort is knowing I'm never alone
Yes, true comfort is hearing that ring-a-ding tone.
Like bells at Christmas, or at St. Patrick's a clover
At the press of a button, all troubles are over!
Not to worry about solitude, loneliness or peace
They can call me and find me even when I'm asleep
But if you want the truth the best part of all
Is that I look cool with my phone... so give me a call!

I wrote this poem when I got back from my mission in 2005 and was suddenly surrounded on all fronts by cell phone users. "Who are they all talking to?" I wondered as I walked across campus and hundreds of trendy gabbers passed me on the walkways, giving me a glimpse into the innermost details of their personal lives. I wrote a paper about how cell phones are changing society for my ELang class, although I felt like my ideas in the paper were received by readers as kind of a "duh" "cell phones are normal, what are you talking about?" "get with the times!" idea. About eight months later I succumbed and surrendered to the madness. I wasn't strong enough to fight the fight. Do you even remember what life was like before cell phones?


Sarah said...

My husband and I actually had this conversation the other day! We finally got a cell phone right before Connor was born so I could get ahold of Scott if I went into labor. That was 2004. We only used it for long distance and emergencies. Boy have things changed! Isn't it pathetic that if I leave the house without it I have to fight the temptation to turn around and go home?

michele said...

How great! That poem is so funny. I like your writing, Adele!

Sam said...

what...? life without cellphones? was there ever a time?

I remember when I was a senior in high school (2004, I know, I'm a baby)and I wanted one soo bad. They were just starting to surface. And now I hate it. I lose it all the time and it's expensive. But I can't live with out it!!

Erica said...

Sometimes I think about getting a landline and canceling the cell. But I like making calls when I want to. And if I don't want to be accessible all the time, I "forget" it at home! :)

Linda said...

Soon there will be no such thing as "land line". That's progress.