Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ten Truths and a Lie

(Steph tagged me a while back. I decided to tag jr. instead!)

How well do YOU know jr.? Which one is the lie?


1. a very picky eater. It's even hard to get him to eat his cheerios.

2. ...will often come when called even if he is doing something way fun.

3. ...loves back rubs. He'll lie on his tummy just so you will give him one.

4. ...was only in the 75% for weight at his last doctor appointment. At least it's a passing grade.

5. ...has six teeth. Four on top, two on bottom.

6. one inch shy of being half his mommy's height.

7. ...loves to cuddle with his teddy bear.

8. a dream when it comes to diaper changes. He even moves his legs at the right time to help you put on the new diaper.

9. ...can make b-b noises while waving bye-bye.

10. a loud baby. I think there was once a church meeting he didn't have to be taken out of? Can't remember.

11. ...has a crooked second toe, just like his daddy does.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Fatal Valentine

Saturday was Valentine's birthday. One year since he joined our family! In honor of the occasion, we bought him a new....


He also almost died twice.

1. On Friday our fish-sitter's daughter thought his water looked low so she filled up his tank with tap water!! Aaah! Luckily he lived through it.

2. When I cleaned out his water yesterday he jumped out of the slotted spoon I was using to transfer him from his bowl and landed on the counter. I freaked out and started yelling! Finally I was able to calm down enough to get him back into his water.

Oh, Valentine. We're glad you're alive! Happy birthday (hope it wasn't too traumatic for you)!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


-So I look to see what jr. has in his hands and it turns out it's a SPIDER, with its daddy-long leg still twitching. Way to go, my little spider-killer (this will definitely come in handy in the future)! But way, way gross.

-I knew he had opened one of the kitchen drawers but when I turned to look again, I saw that he was IN the drawer. Luckily, the drawer held out, and lived to tell the tale.

-He holds cellphones or cameras up to his ear and makes babbling noises as if he is talking on the phone.

-Once he hears the camera turn on, it's all over. He comes straight for me to steal it away, no matter what I try to bribe him with.

"give me the camera! give it to me!"

-He will play peekaboo with you. It is his own idea, and he uses a blanket or whatever he has handy.

-If I say "Good job!" he starts clapping.

-He will purposely bonk your head with his over and over and over again. Or he will just bonk his head against a random object over and over and over again. Sillypants.

It's just so CRAZY to see a tiny, helpless baby growing into an intelligent being with his own little personality!

My First Valentine

I don't know how many of you know, but Adele was my first valentine... ever.  Besides my mom of course.  I didn't date any other girls besides Adele, but if I did I was never dating any of them by the time Valentine's Day came around.  Now, for the rest of eternity I can tell Adele she is my first and only Valentine.

I don't know why a guy like me could be so lucky.  I'm sure you other married ladies out there have pretty lucky husbands, but I'm also pretty sure I'm the luckiest of all husbands (no offense).

Adele is so beautiful, so kind (she makes me lunch virtually everyday I go to work), so loving, so trusting, so caring, so comforting, so strengthening, so creative, so thoughtful (did you know she writes me a note with every lunch she makes for me?), so fun, so friendly (with me, but not the other boys), so forgiving, so intelligent, so thought provoking, so great to talk to, and so mine.

So there you have it.  With that many so's (plus the ones I didn't list for times sake and the sake of having you get to the end of this post) one can see that I'm the luckiest husband out there. Sorry.

Happy Valentine's Month Adele, my first (and only) valentine.


Josh (the big one, the one with the big head, the cute one, the one with the birthmark on the face)