Thursday, February 5, 2009


-So I look to see what jr. has in his hands and it turns out it's a SPIDER, with its daddy-long leg still twitching. Way to go, my little spider-killer (this will definitely come in handy in the future)! But way, way gross.

-I knew he had opened one of the kitchen drawers but when I turned to look again, I saw that he was IN the drawer. Luckily, the drawer held out, and lived to tell the tale.

-He holds cellphones or cameras up to his ear and makes babbling noises as if he is talking on the phone.

-Once he hears the camera turn on, it's all over. He comes straight for me to steal it away, no matter what I try to bribe him with.

"give me the camera! give it to me!"

-He will play peekaboo with you. It is his own idea, and he uses a blanket or whatever he has handy.

-If I say "Good job!" he starts clapping.

-He will purposely bonk your head with his over and over and over again. Or he will just bonk his head against a random object over and over and over again. Sillypants.

It's just so CRAZY to see a tiny, helpless baby growing into an intelligent being with his own little personality!


Lori said...

Oh my goodnes, he has slimmed down so much! Apparently he replaced his title of "chunky pants" with "silly pants" He's as cute as ever though for sure.
This really is such a fun time now that the babies are really starting to learn how to play an interact. We really need a playdate soon.

Linda said...

What a Cutiepants! I'm glad you are documenting his "cuteness" for a later day. In about 12 years you can look at these pictures and think about his sweet "little personality". Course he'll still be cute in a different way then.

Beth said...

I just have to say, I'm really glad that Josh Jr. does the head bonking thing. My nephew does it (even bonked his head on the wall while he was at the doctor's office waiting to get stitches in his forehead) and I thought he was a little strange. He always says bonk as he does it and I'm learning that it is his form of snuggling. Anyway, such a cute post and I can't believe how much he has grown up!

Dan Heintz said...

My older brother apparently used to beat his head against things for a long, long time when he was a toddler....culminating in the time he beat his head through a window. be careful with that one... :)

Jackie said...

How funny! He is growing so big. Time just flies!

Erin R. said...

So fun! Isn't it so much fun when their little personality comes out and they start exploring and learning more about their world? I can't believe he is almost one!

Camilla said...

Junior is Tall with a capital 'T' (which is why I capitalized it, silly)! That first picture is, I think, the cutest pic I've ever seen to date.

Mandie Flood said...

He is the cutest kid. Don't tell my siblings i said that. They'll get jealous because i say that about their kids too. I can't help it. When i see a cute baby i just just have to say how cute they are, and he is so awesomely KEWT!!! Hey guess what, I'm gonna have a baby in Sept. Miriam will have someone to push around.

Steph said...

HAHA way to go raising a spider smasher! I love these little stories about kids :) Like my sis in law has the cutest little anecdotes about my nephew (for instance, seeing the sacrament tray being passed down the pew on Sunday and saying "BYE BYE NUMMIES!") hahaha babies are the cutest!!