Monday, March 23, 2009

sick sick sick.

Can you tell the difference?

last wednesday.


please get better soon, lil guy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Once upon a time on St. Patrick's Day...

Are you wondering how this all came about?
Let's start at the beginning:

Once upon a time on St. Patrick's Day...

hey there, young lassie.

sorry... i'm just gazing at that rainbow over there.

wait, yonder rainbow there?
yeah, it's pretty. why?

well, i'll tell ye a solemn secret: we're actually at the end of 't.
me gold is buried underneath this here spot we're a-standin' on.

*doing a jig*
wait, really?? are you joking?

'tis no joke. me gold is buried here.
oooh, gold!

'twas buried here somewhere...

hmmm... maybe someone stole it...

no offense, but... are you sure you had gold buried here?
i don't see anything.

did she really just say that?!?!

never be doubtin' a leprechaun, lass!
ye will rue the day ye doubted!

wait... yer not wearin' green, are ye?
um... uh...

from yer head to yer toes, me sees no green...

i'll have to be pinchin' ya then.

And that's how it all came about. The End.


watch out! if yer not wearin' green, ye might be next!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Lie

If you haven't read the previous post, don't peek at this one yet!

(I know jr. looks somber in this picture. That's because this post is called "The Lie." You'd be somber too.)

The lie was number eight. Our darling son is NOT a dream when it comes to diaper changes. In fact, most of the time he refuses to lie down and get his diaper changed at all unless he has a toy to play with during the whole ordeal. And it had better be an interesting one that he isn't tired of yet, or he might just roll over and crawl away in the middle of a poopy diaper. He will scream and scream and thrash around if I just try to hold him there...

But don't get me wrong. He IS a dream when it comes to many other things :)