Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Once upon a time on St. Patrick's Day...

Are you wondering how this all came about?
Let's start at the beginning:

Once upon a time on St. Patrick's Day...

hey there, young lassie.

sorry... i'm just gazing at that rainbow over there.

wait, yonder rainbow there?
yeah, it's pretty. why?

well, i'll tell ye a solemn secret: we're actually at the end of 't.
me gold is buried underneath this here spot we're a-standin' on.

*doing a jig*
wait, really?? are you joking?

'tis no joke. me gold is buried here.
oooh, gold!

'twas buried here somewhere...

hmmm... maybe someone stole it...

no offense, but... are you sure you had gold buried here?
i don't see anything.

did she really just say that?!?!

never be doubtin' a leprechaun, lass!
ye will rue the day ye doubted!

wait... yer not wearin' green, are ye?
um... uh...

from yer head to yer toes, me sees no green...

i'll have to be pinchin' ya then.

And that's how it all came about. The End.


watch out! if yer not wearin' green, ye might be next!


Lori said...

ha ha ha ha. Too stinkin' cute adele. Good one, good one.
btw, addie had green embroidered grass next to the flowers on her pants, lol.

Jen said...

Those tricky Irish Leprechauns are always causing trouble. You must make plain your wearing of the green. Mason was pinched all day long yesterday. He wouldn't put on the green I chose for him.

sallysue said...


I meself forgot to wear me green.

Steph said...

HAHA so cute :) looks like a very fun St. Patrick's day at the park!

Aaron and Ashley said...

Thats so hilarious!!! Love the St. Pattys day picture skit! Too funny!

mptanner said...

That was so super cute! You have the best little blogs!!

Linda said...

Those two kids are SO talented! They are going to be famous soon, mark my words.

Linda said...

Addie is so tough. She does not seem to mind the "pinch" much.

NoSurfGirl said...

Dang it. I wish such a cute little leprechaun would give me a pinch.... ;)

He's so perfect for the part.