Wednesday, September 9, 2009

ride 'em, jr.!

Labor Day: a rodeo in Evanston, Wy.!

jr., of course, was the star of the show. here he is on his horse,
galloping around the arena.

what's that you say? a little too far away to see? let me zoom in for you.

and here he is, riding a bull...

...although up close it looks a little more like a buckin' bronco.

and here we are together, squinting... yay for rodeos!


Linda said...

That sounds like fun! Wish I could have come too.

Lori said...

That family pic is too cute! Babyjosh is quite the cowboy, Addie swooned a bit... but then quickly pretended to play it off like she totally didn't even look at the pics in the first place.

Trent and Meg said...

So cute!!! Thanks for sharing :) He is getting so big :)

Camilla said...

That's really dangerous you guys. Do you know how many cowboys have been injured for life cause they're livin' for the moment in a rodeo. I strongly suggest you rethink letting Junes be involved in such a thrill-seeking endeavor. Rethink it or I will for you.
Child Services Officer Camilla Cole

Lanenga Family said...

Cute! I love his hat!