Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stand a little taller.

...and bennett would know, because today he measured
90%tile for height and 95%tile for weight.
I knew he was righteous, but this just confirms it.

ever studious, ever studious.

ever handsome, ever handsome. thanks to bff addie for the hip new shirt.

okay it's not Christmas but the sleeper looked so warm and cozy.



he was actually really mad in this picture.


my boys!


what should we do, dad?



Ashley Gilbert said...

I love his BYU onsie! And he is a little chubber. I love chubby babies, I wish Chloe was like that when she was born...don't you just wanna squish em?

Camilla said...

I kind of feel right now how I feel right after eating a very large and delicious meal- very satisfied (and somewhat sleepy- but that actually has nothing to do with you :). FINALLY some substantial pictures of little darling Bennett!!! What a beautiful boy!

(However, as always happens with consuming a large amount of delight- in a few hours I'm just going to want even more!!!!)

Lori said...

What a sweet, chunky monkey! I heart him so.

Mandie Flood said...

YOu have got to be one of the most beautiful women I have ever known

Steph said...

AWWW! Your little boys are so cute!!! Bennett is looking round and adorable :)

Linda said...

I love Love LOVE these pics!
Amazingly BEAUTIFUL people! I'll claim you as family any day.

What a scholar Bennett is.
What handsome boys you have.
What a beautiful mommy/wife they have.

NoSurfGirl said...

Somehow you have a way of making the most mundane things funny. I saw that first picture with it's caption, stand a little taller, and Bennet's solemn look and involuntarily snorted.

Thanks... I needed that.

michele said...

Adele, these pictures are so cute and funny! When are we going to see more???