Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Does anyone have any good workout music suggestions? I'm so tired of all my music!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hard work.

1/14/2010- Bennett's birth
2/17/2010 - 13 pounds to lose
4/17/2010- 7 pounds to lose

I'm sore. I have been working so hard to lose my baby weight and get back into shape. I was thinking about how hard and slow it is, and I came to the conclusion that I feel kinda sorry for people who have it so easy. If I didn't have to work this hard to lose weight, I don't know if I'd appreciate it as much or feel as good about myself. It gives me something to work for. I hit a plateau a couple of weeks ago and got discouraged, but then I started losing weight again. Maybe I just have to convince my body that I'm serious?


I don't actually have a set diet. Maybe I should. I haven't been counting calories or anything because it's such a hassle and makes me feel so restricted. I try to make good judgments.

I don't like deep fried food or red meat, I buy whole wheat bread/tortillas/whole grain brown rice, try to avoid high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oil, and drink 100% juice, lowfat milk or water, etc.

But by the end of my pregnancy I was constantly eating whatever dessert I felt like, multiple times a day. You name it-- ice cream, chocolate, anything I wanted.

So starting at the end of January, I decided to have only three desserts a week. It was very, very difficult for me at first. It was like overcoming an addiction-- I had to have sugar! But I stuck to it faithfully and have been doing it ever since.

This last week I didn't have any desserts at all! I wondered if I could do it, and I did. It's kind of addicting in a way (I know that sounds weird), but I don't think it's sustainable for life. Everyone needs to be able to have a little birthday cake or cookies or ice cream or whatever every now and then.

It's funny though because I still have leftover Valentine's Day candy (if you know me, that is unHEARD of!) and Easter candy. I also have a candy bar Josh saved me from work, and a pineapple cupcake he brought me. I have leftover Reese's Pieces and Junior Mints from a movie we went to. I have two different little bags of cookies in the freezer. I still have them all because they look tasty, but with only three desserts a week I have to be picky about which desserts I actually want to eat!

And the less I eat refined sugars, the more I get excited about healthy things to fill those urges for sweets. Who knew?! Yesterday I bought strawberries, bananas, raisins and cashews and had them in some yogurt today for lunch. Yum! And something a little different that I do (that I have been doing since I was a child) is freeze a cup of juice and then eat it with a spoon. It takes a while to eat and really helps when I am craving something sweet in the evening.


-Running (I ran 4.5 miles yesterday!)
-Crunches (on an exercise ball or with a two year old sitting on my tummy)
-Leg lifts (the front kind that exercise your tummy)
-Squats (while holding a crying baby-- it put him to sleep, and I was SO sore the next day!)
-High-stepping in place to music
-Lifting hand weights straight up in the air above my head
-Walking to the library or the grocery store while pushing a double stroller
-Dancing around with a little boy in the living room to silly music
-Youtube exercise videos

I wonder if these last 7 pounds will be the hardest or if they will be the easiest? I am so ready for this tummy pooch to be gone gone gone!

P.S. Come work out with me!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

the terrific twos

because he could now dress himself, thank you very much, ("joshy do it!")

the time had come for jr. to turn two.

happy birthday, little josh!!!!! we love you!

(and thank you to everyone who made his day so special.)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Um, yeah, that was an

April fool's joke. But apparently nobody fell for it. What, don't you think jr.'s smart enough? He really is good at drawing o's! :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Writing his name!

So here's our latest news! After lots of practice, jr can write his name!!!!!!!! He's always been really excited about his abc's but lately we have been concentrating on the letters in his name. His favorite at first was writing the letter "o" but now he can write the other ones too! My little smarty pants!!!