Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Does anyone have any good workout music suggestions? I'm so tired of all my music!


Dahlia said...

I've always liked Muse songs, and most of them are pretty up-beat!

Lori said...

I'm all about books on MP3 for working out. I love love love them. I'm currently "reading" The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown and it's quite enjoyable to listen to. Check out the local library and you can probably rent them out. Our library here has a great selection of Audio books.

Justin, Kira and Evan said...

love today by Mika

Andrea said...

Estelle is fantastic to exercise to... her album Shine has some really great songs that make you want to move! Gym Class Heroes also make me want to move. If hip hop doesn't float your boat (I LOVE it for working out), Phoenix is also amazing. Check out their songs Liztomania, 1901, and Armistice.

Linda said...

I used to dance on our minitramp to DeDanaan (Irish) and an old Isreali Folk record. Also Jethro Tull. Even though I'm just an old fogey, the music is still really great.

NoSurfGirl said...

have you gotten into Allison Kraus yet?

Rufus Wainwright?

Have you ever had a Joni Mitchell fest?

Leonard cohen?

I LOVE Billy Joel lately.

These are all old (except Krauss) but sometimes we miss the old ones in our playlists...

NoSurfGirl said...

sorry, just read the word "workout" in your post on rereading it. A lot of these won't work :) unless you want peaceful music for running/biking to, not upbeat stuff for lifting or situps.

Hmmm. Aerosmith. or Live. I like those two for good beats and slight angst to keep me going.

Camilla said...

Two words: Spice. Girls.
'Nuff said.

(Sorry, I really have been trying to think of for real suggestions, but I just don't listen to a whole lot of workout type music I guess. All that emo stuff I listen to is just so moody :) Ever checked out Brandi Carlisle? She's pretty upbeat lots of the time and she's super awesome.)

Mrs. Potts said...

The All-American Rejects
Angels & Airwaves
Dirty Vegas
Flogging Molly
Gwen Stefani
The Killers
Mute Math
Silversun Pickups
The Strokes
The Subways

And LOTS of reggaeton