Friday, May 14, 2010

Gangsta's Paradise

bennett started out innocent enough. they all do.

but he soon decided on a more gangsta hairstyle.

his older brother had discovered the power of gangsta bangs with the ladies long ago...

which is precisely why we had to take care of the situation before it was too late with our second child.



you may be wondering how he can be so cheerful at a time like this, with the tragic loss of his lovely gangsta locks.

well, that's because we left him a little party in the back.


Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

What a cutie! So we are headed your way in August...Aaron and I both knew Josh so well back when his fam lived here, so we should definitely hang out sometime!

Lori said...

His smiles are the best! He's just such a cutie. You made a good decision about the bangs, he looks way cute with the new 'do. I've always loved that pic of joshy and addie, btw.

Linda said...

I love the new look on Bennett. All his cool friends will want it too. He is SO handsome!

Chloe and Tyler said...

Boy is he cute:)

Camilla said...

Yikes- D has the bangs too! But on her (especially with the short spiky new hair coming up in the back) it's almost like we did it on purpose to be stylish. Sometimes we refer to her hair as the "Kate Gosselyn look" :)
Ry and I were talking about Bennett last night and what we think his personality is like, just from the pictures we've seen. We agreed that both Junes and D have a kind a rascally-ness about their smiles, and you just know they are mischievous little kids. Something about the crinkle in the eyes as they smile. But Bennett seems to have just the most genuinely happy and sweet smile. He seems just so wonderfully good. We love him (gangster or not)! BTW, that instrumental version of "Gansta's Paradise" that we used for the crawling hand movie a few years ago would have been a really good soundtrack to this post. Too bad!

Natalie Blackham said...

A very sensible and wise thing to do (sorry Bennett, but I'm on your mom's side this timem around). Whew. Those bangs could've caused quite a stir (although Bennett will be a looker no matter what he does).