Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hi, I'm Adele. I'm a Mormon.

So has a new program where you can make a profile that others can see. One of the questions is Why I am a Mormon. This is my reply:

I am a Mormon because I love the Lord, and I can feel His Spirit when I live the way He wants me to.

The only reason I am even alive is because He has given me the chance to come to Earth and be tested for this short time. I want to live in a way that will enable me to return and live with Him again once it is over.

Nothing else matters.

I feel the truth of the gospel principles every day of my life as I live them. They make me happy :)


Lori said...

Concise, yet expressive. Well done indeed.

Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

Ooo I am going to do this as well. I love yours. Very deep and heartfelt but brief enough and gets the point accross.

Steph said...

I love that! It's so simple and true.

Camilla said...

Very nice. I'll have to go check that out, it sounds neat :)

Linda said...

I'm SO GLAD YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER!!! Hearing this statement caused me great joy! Every parent (including our Heavenly Parents)longs for their child to be happy. This post shows how much your testimony has grown and how you are on the path of happiness.

The Church really is the Lord's vehicle to bring his children back to Him and I also want to keep my covenants and live so I can be with ALL of my favorite people forever!

Anonymous said...

My I play the devil's advocate? You are a Mormon because you were born into the Church.

It does not invalidate your reasons for being a Mormon however.

merrilykaroly said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

That is why I was Mormon at age 8. That is not why I am Mormon at age 27. I like to think that even if my parents hadn't been LDS, I would have sought out the truth.