Thursday, June 3, 2010

the benny and junes show

hello everyone. this is my new co-host, ben....

and we'd like to welcome you out to the benny and junes show!

ok, so today's episode deals with the following ever-useful topic:
how to manipulate your parents.

don't look so nervous, benny. it's a piece of cake.

first, you've got to put a smile on those cheeks.

there you go.

yep. with a smile like that, you can get candy, toys, or anything else you want.

laugh a little, and ice cream is guaranteed.

i know what you're thinking, though--
what if they're trying to make you do something you don't want to?
you know, like those stretches they're always trying to get you to do, ben.

yeah, I know. you hate those.
anyway, all you need to do is lie down,

pretend you're going to stretch,

and then scream as loud as--

oh, hi Mom.

oh, we're just innocently playing with our toys. thanks for asking.
k, see ya.

*is she gone, ben?*

well, thanks for comin' out to the benny and junes show!

tune in next time for
the benny and junes show: how to seem innocent when you're really not.


Meredith Williams said...

LOVE IT!! very creative! Bryan and I's favorite game is trying to come up what Evelyn is REALLY trying to say. It keeps us sane as parents :)

Chloe and Tyler said...

I love your posts, I always get a good laugh.

Steph said...

HAHA you crack me up :) And your boys are as cute as ever.

Linda said...

I have been anxiously awaiting this show for several months now. I always drop everything to watch it. I learn SO much...especially about good manipulation techniques. Thanks much for a uniquely creative masterpiece each (hopefully) week. Maybe you should even consider a daily show due to its great popularity.

Natalie Blackham said...

I'm getting addicted to this show quickly. And the advice is very good- I should call in sometime... :)

Anonymous said...

Perfection. Nothing else needs to be said.


Camilla said...

Ahahaha! My fav pic is where Benney looks nervous and Josh looks so coy! So funny. Thank goodness for this show- I've been going through serious withdrawals for a long time!

NoSurfGirl said...

I'm really looking forward to the next show... I could really use some tips on looking innocent.

Trent and Meg said...

You are fabulous :)

Valhalla Thundermuffin said...

What a fantastic post. :)
You do a great job of capturing what the little guys are surely thinking.

Hope your day is a good one.

Justin and Alicia said...

Adele and Josh you crack me up! I about died laughing! lol :)

Becca said...

nice show, I'll tune in again! I hated doing stretches with Micah, and he hated them even more. Can't blame the little guys.

Dahlia said...

LOL! Too cute! I love those cute, rascally boys!