Monday, July 26, 2010

the cool cousin.

hey cousin Dinah, what's up?

yeah, now that you mention it, you're right.
there's drool on my shirt, and lots of it.

not sure if you know this, D,
but that means i'm going to have teeth soon.
that makes me pretty cool.

and i don't want to brag or anything, but...
see my brother over there?

he actually has some.
teeth i mean.

hey big bro,
show us what you got!

oh, you mean these ol' things, lil bro?

pretty unbelievable, right?
me and my bro are definitely a part of the "in" crowd if you know what i--

what's that, D?

what exactly do you mean by "not impressed"??

oh, uh. wow.

that tooth is AMAZING. lucky!

you are SO COOL.
uh, can i hang out with you?


Ryan said...

I love it! Bennett has the best facial expressions! Perfect timing for a week without my D.

Ryan said...

Looking at this post again - and Benny is SUCH a smiler! D is frowny fran, but Benny is smiling sam! can't wait to meet him!

Steph said...

lol. babies sure love their teeth :)

Kristen said...

That fourth pic down, Bennett looks SO much like Junes! What cute pics!

Lori said...

I LOVE BENNETT!!!!!!! He is just so chubby and cute, i adore him. He reminds me of all the good ol' days with joshy at that age. Josh is looking super cute and grown up!

Linda said...

Hilarious as usual! And oh so cool!! Maybe if I hang out with these 3 charmers, some of their "coolness" will rub off onto ME! It's worth a try right?

Lanenga Family said...

Haha! So funny, Adele! Bennett is such a cutie! Glad you reached you weight goal--you go girl! :)