Monday, July 19, 2010

I made it!

I reached my goal weight.
I know what you're thinking: "Didn't you say you only had two pounds left... like two months ago?"

Yes, yes I did.
Losing weight is hard, thank you.

Things I've learned:
1. I love tomatoes.
2. I love cashews.
3. I love crunchy things like granola and chewy things like dried fruit and soft things like strawberries and creamy things like yogurt all put together. I love the endless possibilities of flavor and texture in food.
4. I still don't love vegetables, but I can eat them. Sometimes. Okay, so this one's still a work in progress.
5. I can live without eating dessert every day. I even appreciate it more when I only eat it every once in a while.
6. Running is so much more fun when I eat healthy.

So... I guess I need to buy some new clothes.

P.S. No, I'm not done. I reached my goal weight but I'm still not where I would like to end up.


NoSurfGirl said...

Good for you! I'm a ways away from my goal weight

*make sure you feel satisfied with your current goal, and know that you're absolutely stunning and beautiful and there's no real image-need to lose more. That's the way to maintain a healthy perspective in endeavors of health and body-image*

OK psych-tech soapbox moment over :)

Meredith Williams said...

You rock!!! Congrats! I'm still working on the "eating a dessert every day." I don't know what it is about eating something sweet after dinner.....thanks for the motivation

Lori said...

Three cheers for you adele! I'm so proud and impressed!!! Go buy yourself something sassy.

Linda said...

You are perfect just the way you are!!! (Do I sound like a broken record?)

Linda said...

OK, so maybe you didn't understand my reference to being a broken record since no one plays records anymore. Def: a record is a device that is used to hear music that's "recorded". What I'm really trying to say is, "Do I sound like I'm repeating myself over and over again." (the redundance in the previous statement was intentional - just helps make my point) This happens when the record or the record player is broken. So anyway... You are perfect just the way you are!!!

Margaret said...

COngrats! :) The rewards of hard work taste sweeter than daily dessert, eh? ;)

The Gilberts said...

Thats so great Adele! I am working on my goal weight as well!

michele said...

Yeah!! that's awesome. I wish I could cut down on desserts like you :). Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels, right? That's what I keep trying to tell myself.

Steph said...

Congratulations! That's so fantastic :)

Camilla said...

Yayayaya! Woot! You go girl! Heya!
Good job Del, I'm very impressed. And yes, yes, do go shopping and buy a bunch of beautiful new clothes for the beautiful new you. Only wish I could come with you like last time :(

Emotionally Consumed said...

My dear Adele thank you so much for your post. I'm still doing well on my weight-loss journey and have about 30 pounds left to go. The problem is I'm running out of steam for 'me time'. Hearing that you achieved your goal weight puts all sorts of wind back in my sails. CONGRADS and thank you for your inspiration! :)