Friday, July 9, 2010

Josh, Sr. is feeling fine.

1. I had ear surgery again yesterday. They did another skin graft on my ear drum. I'm feeling ok. (It's funny because my ear only hurts right now when I hear a loud noise, but my throat hurts and I sound like a smoker because of the pipe they shoved down my throat while I was under.) I guess this is my third ear surgery. Here's hoping it will be the magic one that heals my ear forever. I am so grateful for all the prayers and blessings I have received throughout this experience. And the delicious Cafe Paesan and Jamba Juice I got last night from a pampering husband.

(jr.'s Father's-Day-Artist-Hand syndrome)

2. Bennett will probably be getting a helmet after all. We are going to stretch him like crazy for two more weeks just in case, then take him back for a final evaluation. Wow, it is so frustrating to have worked so hard for three months, just to have to get him a helmet anyway. Helmets are expensive but I think we will only end up paying $500 out of pocket for it. Maybe we'll put BYU stickers on it so he'll just think he's a football player.

3. Jr. has been randomly throwing up lately. It happened once last week, and three times this week. He has no fever and has been his happy (loud) self, but will all of a sudden get that look on his face and throw up. Then the rest of the day he'll walk around saying, "I threw up" in a cheerful voice. We are wondering if it could be some kind of food allergy or something? I guess we'll take him to the doctor if it keeps happening.

(jr.s attempt at patriotism -- he insisted on putting on my star shirt.)

4. Josh, Sr. is feeling fine. I think.

P.S. Sorry this is such a downer of a post. I put in some happy pictures to try and cheer you up a little!


Curtiss & Ginger said...

hahahah those are such cute pics! They deff made me smile! :) But WOW...that is a lot of crazyness going on!! I hope you all get better SOON!! At least you have Josh Sr. to pamper you until you feel better :) :)

Lori said...

1.I'm glad you're okay enough to blog right after your surgery. I hope it takes and you won't ever need one again!
2.Super bummer about the hat! He'll be cute as can be, but I can imagine that you have plans for $500 that would be much more fun.
3.That is really strange about the randomness of the puking! Hmmm, i will think on this.
4.Super cute pic of the boys together. It makes me miss you.

Linda said...

This is definitely going to be the last ear surgery EVER Adele because this one fixed the problem completely. Because I said so. (Notice my positive attitude). Bennett already looks perfect to me. Josh Jr. will never throw up again. Because I said so. Josh Sr. is WONDERFUL! (I would also like to taste Cafe Paesan since I have never even heard of it).