Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The YouTube Star!

So last week a funny thing happened.

I started getting email after email telling me someone had commented on one of our youtube videos. It was jr's "Hello, Mr. President" video, which I think was his YouTube d├ębut. In the space of just a few days jr got nearly 500 views and all positive comments.

I don't know what he's going to do with his new found fame. We just have to make sure he doesn't get all "hannah montana" on us and I think he'll do fine.

For your viewing pleasure:

P.S. Yes I'm bragging. I'm his dad, it's allowed.


Camilla said...

Super star Joshie! I'm so jealous, but honestly not at all surprised. The real question is, what kind of stage mom is Adele gonna be...?

Linda said...

Alright. ALRIGHT. I confess!! I'm the one who watched it 500 times. So sue me. Of COURSE Josh Jr. is a star! That's a "no-brainer".

Steph said...

haha that's so great!! you could have a "Josh Junior" channel :)

Aaron & Ashley Gilbert said...

I loved this video when I first saw it and I LOVE It even more seeing that 500 peeps have looked at it! How funny...I always laugh every time I see it!