Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bennett in a bonnet

We got bennett scanned for his helmet today.

And this is what his head looks like.
(except it doesn't actually have bumps on top of it, don't worry)

Doesn't this look just like jr?
I thought the whole process was really cool.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation...

did a writer's workshop with Orson Scott Card

went to a Ben Folds concert

went to the beach for the first time

went camping

hiked up Moro Rock

saw the biggest trees in the world

went swimming

hung out with lots of grandmas (five!)

including Grandma Emma Bennett Donaldson

had a wonderful family reunion

and went to Elvis Presley's home.

what a fun summer!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Come on, John

*We made this video during family night to try and convince Josh's cousin, John, to move to Utah (he asked for a list of reasons he should come). Although reasons 2 & 3 refer to John's wife and daughter, if you don't live here, please consider our reasons applicable to YOU, too.

Friday, August 13, 2010

conversations to remember (and mrs. nesbitt)

jj: what's wrong, mommy?
me: oh, my skirt got dirty.
jj: aw, man!

me: *crying about something silly*
jj: what's wrong, mommy?
me: I'm sad, joshy.
jj: i'm sad too.

jj: draw with me, mommy? (on an ipod touch application)
me: where's the eraser? what do I push?
jj: "back"
me: *click the back arrow, it erases, and I become just another parent who needs to be taught how to use gadgets by my kids*

Heather (Josh's sister): boo!
jj: stop!
heather: stop what? I didn't do anything!
jj: stop scaring me!

me:*scolding him for something*
jj: stop talking to me!
(this one happens very, very often)

jj: want more, mommy.
me: that's nice, joshy.
jj: want more now!
me:*give him an expectant look*
jj: *sickeningly sweet, fake voice two octaves higher* may I please have some more?

me: *wiping off his dirty leg*
jj: *indignant* that's my leg!

jj: *emptying the coins from my wallet* ooooh moneys. moneys, moneys.
jj: *after getting in trouble for throwing the coins at bennett and knowing I am about to take the rest away from him* no! that's mines!

bennett: dadadada.
me: no, mamamama.
bennett: *huge smile* dadadada!

mrs. nesbitt.

(apparently, cousin abby's mom asked her to find the most "boyish" dress she had for josh. this is what abby came up with.)