Tuesday, August 31, 2010

bennett in a bonnet

We got bennett scanned for his helmet today.

And this is what his head looks like.
(except it doesn't actually have bumps on top of it, don't worry)

Doesn't this look just like jr?
I thought the whole process was really cool.


Camilla said...

Adele, I don't really see any derivation from the norm in either of those computer images. Not that I know anything about that stuff. But he must be really borderline or something.
And yes, he looks a lot like Junes, and A LOT like D too, don't you think????
Oh how I love that baby boy!

Linda said...

So you decided to go ahead with the helmet. Well I hope it works and works quickly. Poor boy! He is SO sweet!

The Gilberts said...

Good luck Adele and Josh! I am sure he will be out of that helmet in no time as I agree with Camilla :-)

Lori said...

Oh how i love that cutie patootie. That sensory wrap is pretty funny looking. Nearly like he is a judge during the 1600s, lol.