Friday, August 13, 2010

conversations to remember (and mrs. nesbitt)

jj: what's wrong, mommy?
me: oh, my skirt got dirty.
jj: aw, man!

me: *crying about something silly*
jj: what's wrong, mommy?
me: I'm sad, joshy.
jj: i'm sad too.

jj: draw with me, mommy? (on an ipod touch application)
me: where's the eraser? what do I push?
jj: "back"
me: *click the back arrow, it erases, and I become just another parent who needs to be taught how to use gadgets by my kids*

Heather (Josh's sister): boo!
jj: stop!
heather: stop what? I didn't do anything!
jj: stop scaring me!

me:*scolding him for something*
jj: stop talking to me!
(this one happens very, very often)

jj: want more, mommy.
me: that's nice, joshy.
jj: want more now!
me:*give him an expectant look*
jj: *sickeningly sweet, fake voice two octaves higher* may I please have some more?

me: *wiping off his dirty leg*
jj: *indignant* that's my leg!

jj: *emptying the coins from my wallet* ooooh moneys. moneys, moneys.
jj: *after getting in trouble for throwing the coins at bennett and knowing I am about to take the rest away from him* no! that's mines!

bennett: dadadada.
me: no, mamamama.
bennett: *huge smile* dadadada!

mrs. nesbitt.

(apparently, cousin abby's mom asked her to find the most "boyish" dress she had for josh. this is what abby came up with.)


Kristen said...

Poor Josh Jr! Just like daddy! ;)

NoSurfGirl said...

LOL!!! Love Mrs. Nesbit.

Kids are so awesome. It's great to record these conversations... Margaret said her family had "the red journal" growing up where all the funny/cute things were written down. THey'd read it later and laugh really hard. I think it's so important to keep these memories where we can find them again and enjoy them.

Linda said...

Ah motherhood... It's the greatest! Joshie looks SO boyish in the girl outfit. You can't fool me. He's all boy! Mrs. Nesbitt would be horrified.

Camilla said...

The third pic of Joshie is the BEST. He looks so thrilled to be dressed as a princess (or a pioneer princess, whatever).
My question is what does Josh Sr. have to say about these pics?

Steph said...

haha he has such great personality!!

Lori said...

LOVE the little conversations. He sounds much more articulate than addie. I have to fill in a lot of gaps for her still.
Joshy makes a great mrs nesbitt btw.

Trent and Meg said...

Oh those are so fabulous!!! What a smart little him and his little personality! :)