Saturday, August 21, 2010

How I spent my summer vacation...

did a writer's workshop with Orson Scott Card

went to a Ben Folds concert

went to the beach for the first time

went camping

hiked up Moro Rock

saw the biggest trees in the world

went swimming

hung out with lots of grandmas (five!)

including Grandma Emma Bennett Donaldson

had a wonderful family reunion

and went to Elvis Presley's home.

what a fun summer!


K.E.N said...

Look at the rolls on that kid! Awesome! That looks like a totally rockin' vacation.

Linda said...

How DID you fit all that fun stuff into one summer? Talk about a wonderful life!! I SO enjoyed every one of these pictures, but I especially loved spending time with all of you in the best family in the world. Let's do it again soon! I hope Grandma Bennett gets to see the picture you took of her and Bennett. Priceless!

Ryan said...

Very cool. Very cool. The plane was cool, and so was your grandma tour.

Lori said...

LOVE this! I feel slightly put out that each of these events didnt get more thorough posts, but I'm quite happy that they at least all got a shout out here.
Adele, you're looking way thin and your hair is LONG! I love it. Keep being your fancy self.

Camilla said...

This is a really cool post. You guys got a lot done this summer. Thank goodness hanging out with us was able to be squeezed in there for a few days!
Awesome pics!

Marie said...

what a fabulous summer! you're family is beautiful!

Margaret said...

Elvis lived on a PLANE?!

Jessica Dahlquist said...

Adelle... you look fabulous! And the boys are pretty cute too:)

Lanenga Family said...

The pic of Bennett in the floaty in the pool is SO CUTE! I love those rolls! ;) Glad you have enjoyed your summer!

Linda said...

Why are all the grandmas holding Bennett with their left hand. Must be some deep philosophical, physical, psycological, psycophysical or spiritual reason for this. For me, it just feels natural to hold a baby next to my heart!