Monday, December 13, 2010

two lonely pizzas

On Saturday I went and bought two delicious-looking pizzas (one pepperoni and one chicken and bacon stuffed crust) from Papa Murphy's and

Left them on the front of the car.

And drove away.

Yeah... I didn't realize it until I parked at home and had no pizzas! So I drove back lickety-split to Papa Murphy's and sure enough, right there on University Avenue with the cars speeding by on either side, plastic wrap flapping in the breeze, I saw two lonely pizzas sitting on the dashed white line. I also saw the cute little beanie our next-door-neighbor had just finished making for jr. that I had put on top of the pizzas while buckling him in the backseat.

So I dashed out into the road in the dark and snatched the beanie. A car in the other lane slowed way down like "what is that crazy lady doing? is she going to dive in front of my car?" I realllly wanted to try and rescue the pizzas, but I needed to consider the well-being of my husband, children, and any future children if I got hit by one of the many cars driving straight toward me at full speed who probably wouldn't be able to see me until the last second. And, you know, I think the pizzas had been run over a few times.

So we had frozen pizza for dinner.

Have you done anything embarrassing lately? Or is it only me?


Megan said...

Here ya go, this will make you feel better: around midnight last Sunday, I decided to hard-boil some eggs. So I put some eggs in a pan with some water, and cranked up the heat. You may notice an obvious omission here, as that is all I did. I promptly went upstairs to work on some important stuff, and became completely engrossed in Supernanny. A little while later, my roommate's smoke alarm went off. Then my other roommate's. Then mine. I only mention this b/c mine doesn't have a battery, so it was kind of a relief to know it still works, even sans battery. Anyway, I smelled smoke and as the three of us ran downstairs to see what had happened, I remembered those darn eggs. There they were, completely black, smoking, and half-exploded on the stove. It REEEKed for days, and it took forever to get the pan clean. And I felt like a complete idiot.

Then yesterday I put some chicken in the microwave to defrost, and found it the next morning when I went to heat something else up. It smelled really really bad.

So there you go, I got two in one week, and I don't even have kids yet.

K.E.N said...

did you get the beanie?

Marie said...

what is it with people leaving stuff on their car when they drive away? you're like the 3rd person i've heard do that this week! I'm sure i'm due for my moment soon!

Meredith Williams said...

hahahaha! This is hilarious! Thanks for making my day.
When Evelyn was 5 months old I hurried off and went to the store with just a diaper, hoping that she wouldn't need a change during the short time I was going to be there. Well, of course I was wrong, on the way there she had the biggest blow out known to man kind. With no wipes, I used scraps of paper in my car to try to wipe it off but it was so bad. I was so determined to not go home but finish my shopping. So here she was almost stripped down to just a diaper, when it was freezing outside. I got the look from so many people that I had just won "the worst mother award that day"

Linda said...

I'm just glad you're still alive!

You are much more important than some silly pizza no matter how delicious! I know - DUH! - right?

One time I put some sheet music on top of the car and drove away. It was blown and scattered all over Highway 198. I recovered it all, but it was very foolish of me to be dashing back and forth across the freeway.

I'm just glad I'm still alive!

Lori said...

Oh stink. Stories like that are hilarious when they happen to other people, but definitely not so fun when it happens to you and you come home with no pizza.

Dahlia said...

You are awesome! That's all I have to say. You should hear some of the stupid things I do, but they are more stupid and not cute like your "silly" times.

NoSurfGirl said...

I have definitely driven off with stuff on the top of my car :(

Thankfully, never a baby carseat though. At least you know you haven't done anything that bad!!

Trent and Meg said...

Hahahaha :) oh friend...that is awesome :) No worries...I'm sure I'll have something to compare with it soon for sure!