Monday, February 21, 2011

I think we watch too many movies.

4/4 stars. Flipped-- We just saw this movie on Saturday. It was so sweet and a lot of fun. It made me think and I felt uplifted after watching it. I love movies like that. And in case you are thinking it's a chick flick or something, it's not -- Josh really enjoyed it too.
(there is a little bit of language in it, but it's only PG and not too bad)

To rent it, you can click here.

4/4 stars. Jean De Florette and Manon of the Spring are Part I and Part II of a story. You have to watch the second one if you watch the first one. So good. Another movie that makes you think and want to be a better person. This movie is in French, but who doesn't love subtitles? Gerard Depardieu at his best.
(in the second one, near the beginning, there is a scene where Manon is dancing around naked with a harmonica. oh, the French. just go ahead and cover the eyes of any boys in the room.)

3/4 stars. Salt -- We actually really enjoyed this movie. We were surprised because we aren't big fans of Angelina Jolie. But it's suspenseful and keeps you guessing (my husband usually guesses right).
(unfortunately, there is some bad language and violence)

You can rent it online here.

3/4 stars. Red -- If you don't know the premise, it's about a bunch of "old" secret agents. Josh thought it was hilarious. I also just really love Mary-Louise Parker.
(there is some really bad language in this one, and lots of violence.)

You can rent it online here.

3/4 stars. Megamind -- I took jr. to see this movie on a Saturday when Josh had a lot of homework. I picked it because I didn't think it looked that great, so Josh wouldn't be missing much. I was pleasantly surprised though! No crude humor that I remember, and pretty entertaining.

3/4 stars. Babies -- This is a really fun documentary that shows the differences and similarities between the lives of four babies during their first year or so of life. I only gave it 3 stars because even though it was interesting-- in some countries they seem to need a lot less to take care of a baby-- I feel like there was something missing. Not sure what.
(be prepared to see lots of breasts)

You can rent it here. Or if you have Netflix you can watch it there on demand.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interview with a zoo patron

So, kids, what did you think of your first time at the zoo?

those fruit snacks were really good.
there were fruit snacks?

oh... uh...
you wouldn't have liked 'em anyway, Bennett.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fruit snacks. But what was your favorite thing about the zoo?

my favorite part? oh man! this huge 330C CAT excavator was like--

Focus, jr., focus. That's just the part of the zoo where they're doing construction. We're talking about the animals at the zoo.

oh. well, riding an elephant was AWESOME!

an elephant? but there wasn't an... oh. that elephant.

and even though the rhino was a little slippery...

I still managed to stay on! It was just like that time at the rodeo when--

I hate to break it to you kid, but that elephant and that rhino... they aren't real. Tell me what you thought of the REAL animals you saw at the zoo. Please.

oh, you mean like that rooster?

Junior, that rooster wasn't even in a cage. I'm not sure if he just escaped from a farm down the road or what. I'm talking zoo animals-- you know, giraffes and monkeys and lions and stuff.

well, I did make friends with a leopard--

Aaah! What is the point of going to the ZOO in the FREEZING cold January Utah weather, pushing a double stroller uphill with tired, hungry kids, making sure you don't get your feet soaking wet in the sludge, and then taking two kids, a purse, and a heavy camera on your person when you have to check your stroller outside of the reptile exhibit if--

what's wrong? don't you like him?

oh, uh, sorry, I--

shhh.... they call me the Leopard Whisperer.

Um, okay, that's actually pretty impressive.

And it looks like your mommy had fun with you, too. All in all a good time--

Wait a second.

Where's your little brother??? What has HE been doing this whole time?
What was HIS favorite part about the zoo?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

P is for...

this is a picture from jj's first day. with a few moms in our ward, we have been trading off and teaching preschool. (I taught today. it was all about the letter E and by the end of the two hours with six little kids I needed some E is for Energy.) he really loves putting on his backpack and heading off into the wide world...

...and potty training!
because of preschool, we figured it was time to crack down on potty training. it has been going surprisingly well! I think he is much more ready now than he was even a month or two ago. it's not a done deal yet, but we'll get there. so many people say potty training is the absolute worst part about parenting, so I had expected it to be really awful (messes everywhere, utter chaos), but mostly life is just a little less convenient. he's my same little boy, but in underwear now (and I've already been wiping his bum since he was born, so that's nothing new).

"I pooped in the toilet!"