Monday, February 21, 2011

I think we watch too many movies.

4/4 stars. Flipped-- We just saw this movie on Saturday. It was so sweet and a lot of fun. It made me think and I felt uplifted after watching it. I love movies like that. And in case you are thinking it's a chick flick or something, it's not -- Josh really enjoyed it too.
(there is a little bit of language in it, but it's only PG and not too bad)

To rent it, you can click here.

4/4 stars. Jean De Florette and Manon of the Spring are Part I and Part II of a story. You have to watch the second one if you watch the first one. So good. Another movie that makes you think and want to be a better person. This movie is in French, but who doesn't love subtitles? Gerard Depardieu at his best.
(in the second one, near the beginning, there is a scene where Manon is dancing around naked with a harmonica. oh, the French. just go ahead and cover the eyes of any boys in the room.)

3/4 stars. Salt -- We actually really enjoyed this movie. We were surprised because we aren't big fans of Angelina Jolie. But it's suspenseful and keeps you guessing (my husband usually guesses right).
(unfortunately, there is some bad language and violence)

You can rent it online here.

3/4 stars. Red -- If you don't know the premise, it's about a bunch of "old" secret agents. Josh thought it was hilarious. I also just really love Mary-Louise Parker.
(there is some really bad language in this one, and lots of violence.)

You can rent it online here.

3/4 stars. Megamind -- I took jr. to see this movie on a Saturday when Josh had a lot of homework. I picked it because I didn't think it looked that great, so Josh wouldn't be missing much. I was pleasantly surprised though! No crude humor that I remember, and pretty entertaining.

3/4 stars. Babies -- This is a really fun documentary that shows the differences and similarities between the lives of four babies during their first year or so of life. I only gave it 3 stars because even though it was interesting-- in some countries they seem to need a lot less to take care of a baby-- I feel like there was something missing. Not sure what.
(be prepared to see lots of breasts)

You can rent it here. Or if you have Netflix you can watch it there on demand.


Megan said...

Narration. Babies is missing narration. But it was still really good, though there were lots of naked breasts. Have you read the parents' commentaries about why they decided to do the film? It was really fascinating, and fills in some of the narration gap:

Lori said...

I watched the Jean De Florettes in high school and loved them. I need to do another watch.

Jennifer said...

I love Jean de Florette! Strange, but you're the third person to mention those two movies this week. Hm..
I think Babies is missing more baby/family interaction. I know the point wasn't supposed to be the parents, but.... most of the fun of babies is seeing them interact with loved ones. I tihnk the parents should have been featured more.

Camilla said...

I didn't make it through Babies because it didn't hold my attention. i realize now that that must have been because I sensed there was something missing as well. Hmmm. I'll have to think more about what I thought that was. Poor Ryan started watching it with me and was almost instantly done:) We didn't know about all the breasts before hand.

We thought Salt was pretty entertaining too, and were also surprised by it. Mom and Nabs both loved flipped too, so I'm going to have to break down and watch it I guess. I could use a good positive movie.

We just saw Red a few days ago and thought it was pretty fun. We watched Unstoppable the other night and were pleasantly surprised. You should check it out (if you like that kind of movie).

I watched Jean de Florette the other day and will probably watch Manon of Springtime tonight. So good!!!!

michele said...

Cool! Thanks for the movie suggestions. The only one I've seen is Babies. I liked it a lot.

Jennifer Ricks said...

FLIPPED! That's one of my favorite books, and I didn't even know they made a movie of it! You should read the book--it is so cute! And written in a really unique way.

Trent and Meg said...

Thanks for the reviews. I second the scores for Jean de Florette and Manon des sources :) You should also pick out La Gloire de mon Pere and Le chateau de ma mere... very French, but I loved them for sure :) (I think you'll like them too :) Also, good to hear on Salt...we weren't quite sure either way...but with your thumbs up, we're going to try it :)

Dahlia said...

I Love the ones you've recommended that I've seen, I'd like to see the other ones you've mentioned too!
It's ok I think we watch more movies than you do so you don't have to feel too bad. LOL
You would probably enjoy a movie called: Taking Chance (military drama about a colonel who escorts a felled marine's body home. It's a tear jerker, but really good!

Linda said...

We saw Red, Salt and Flipped. Flipped was by far the best of the three. The other two were clever but somewhat annoying. Dad kept saying he wasn't convinced by Angelina Jolie performance, but he liked all the twists. Red, the actors looked like they were having fun, but the story wasn't that great. I don't want to see the baby movie, because it would probably increase the constant "baby dreams" I have. (I just had another one an hour ago). I would like to see the French ones and Megamind if I can get them at Redbox. Thanks for the great reviews.

K.E.N said...

the movie Red is AWESOME.

merrilykaroly said...