Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Interview with a zoo patron

So, kids, what did you think of your first time at the zoo?

those fruit snacks were really good.
there were fruit snacks?

oh... uh...
you wouldn't have liked 'em anyway, Bennett.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fruit snacks. But what was your favorite thing about the zoo?

my favorite part? oh man! this huge 330C CAT excavator was like--

Focus, jr., focus. That's just the part of the zoo where they're doing construction. We're talking about the animals at the zoo.

oh. well, riding an elephant was AWESOME!

an elephant? but there wasn't an... oh. that elephant.

and even though the rhino was a little slippery...

I still managed to stay on! It was just like that time at the rodeo when--

I hate to break it to you kid, but that elephant and that rhino... they aren't real. Tell me what you thought of the REAL animals you saw at the zoo. Please.

oh, you mean like that rooster?

Junior, that rooster wasn't even in a cage. I'm not sure if he just escaped from a farm down the road or what. I'm talking zoo animals-- you know, giraffes and monkeys and lions and stuff.

well, I did make friends with a leopard--

Aaah! What is the point of going to the ZOO in the FREEZING cold January Utah weather, pushing a double stroller uphill with tired, hungry kids, making sure you don't get your feet soaking wet in the sludge, and then taking two kids, a purse, and a heavy camera on your person when you have to check your stroller outside of the reptile exhibit if--

what's wrong? don't you like him?

oh, uh, sorry, I--

shhh.... they call me the Leopard Whisperer.

Um, okay, that's actually pretty impressive.

And it looks like your mommy had fun with you, too. All in all a good time--

Wait a second.

Where's your little brother??? What has HE been doing this whole time?
What was HIS favorite part about the zoo?


Trent and Meg said...

Oh my goodness...Cheetah whisperer....that is the best thing ever. Tell Jr. I'm definitely impressed!!! :D

Justin and Alicia said...

That's so awesome Adele! Cool cool cool!

Meredith Williams said...

hahahaha!! you are such a good mom!

Lori said...

:) gotta love trips to the zoo like that. For some reason, it seems to go that way 60%/40% for us.

Linda said...

Those two little animals...I mean boys look like they had a great time. What great memories they'll have. I SO enjoyed looking at them/you enjoying themselves/yourselves. Wish I could have come too. Though it does look a bit cold...

Ryan said...

Adele - I read this post on my Blackberry while donating blood today(which was a bit painful) and I literally l'ed ol at several parts, but I LOVED the rooster bit. Oh gosh. So thank you for helping me get through my first power red donation that was slightly creepy by having an entertaining blog post to distract me.

Camilla said...

YES! The fact that Joshie can commune with animals of the cat race surprises me not a bit. I mean, just look at his 'cat-like' reflexes for one. And Benney obviously was taking a 'cat-nap,' so he could hang out with the lions later.
I loved every word of this post, and especially every picture. Yes please.

strum family said...

Your boys are so stinkin' cute!!! And you are supermom! Have a good day!