Tuesday, March 15, 2011

11 days

I just spent 11 days in Park City, taking care of NINE kids -- my own two, and a family of seven others while their parents were in Europe. My hubby was there when he could be, but had to work down in Provo and go to school in Salt Lake, and some nights he didn't get back at all until 9 or 10 pm.

Anytime I had to go pick someone up from school or somewhere and there was no one to babysit the little kids, we all had to pile into the only vehicle that fit all the carseats:

Yeah... the whole back part is limo seating. There are no door handles, only a code that unlocks the driver door. Then, from that seat, you have to reach over and open the passenger door by hand. Only one side of the back opens, and then you have to climb in to put in the kids. Luckily, I was able to adjust the driver seat so that the pedals moved back and the seat scooted forward so my feet actually reached them.

Thursday - I get lost trying to pick the oldest up from high school. I make a wrong turn and then spend 15 minutes in a random residential area, trying to find a big enough road where I can actually turn around.

Saturday - The six-year-old twin girls write on their bedroom door with a sharpie. I get most of it out with toothpaste, and then wash the toothpaste off with vinegar and water.

Monday - I get stuck in a hole in the ice in the driveway. Even with the power of The Beast and 4-wheel drive, I can't move forward or back. Finally, after maybe 20 minutes, I say a prayer aloud. A neighbor comes out of his house to help me. I'm still unable to do it so he gets in and turns the wheel for me.

Maybe Wednesday or Thursday - The youngest, a two-year old, really wants to be a big boy like jr, and starts taking his diaper off all the time, refusing to put it back on. He poops on the floor in the master bedroom bathroom area (he poops on the floor again on Monday but my hubby is the one there to clean it up).

Thursday - I make homemade pot pie for the kids. After they have refused to even taste some of the other things I've made, I make sure it only has ingredients they supposedly like. Carrots, chicken, pie crust. They groan about having to try it, try one bite, and hate it. It might hurt more than when they don't try my food at all.

Friday - I need to get The Beast out of the garage and get the three little kids in it without running over anyone, so I put the kids in the cab and then go around to try and figure out the best way to get around the garage clutter and into the back. When I come back to the front and open the door, Bennett falls headfirst out of the truck. Luckily I catch him on the retractable step before he hits the ground. That same day, jr falls out of the other side.

Saturday - jr drops his underwear in a public toilet. I get to fish it out.

Sunday - I find an airsoft pellet in bennett's poopy diaper. I kept telling the 12-year old to put those away.

Monday- After jr gets a fat lip during a game of duck-duck-goose and I do some more book repair (apparently the 2-year old ripped this one up), Mommy and Daddy come home around 11 pm.

What was the hardest part? When I didn't have to drive The Beast, I actually didn't mind being a taxi driver for karate, basketball, and church activities. My own kids were kind of a pain, jr constantly picking on the younger guy and bennett being the clingiest, crankiest baby of all time... but no, my biggest complaint of all was, without question,


Man, I used to think cleaning up after two kids in our little two-bedroom apartment was hard.

To be fair, I really can't complain too much though. They were good kids, obedient and respectful for the most part, who took care of each other. They had their dish weeks, and most of them did their own laundry. We had lots of laughs and tons of fun getting to know each other -- I teach piano lessons to their two oldest but didn't really know the rest of the kids before this. We went to an indoor kiddie pool, bounce houses, the Classic Fun Center in Sandy, and even made a home video together...

(the 2-year old is in front with me)

...I just don't know if I want nine kids anytime soon.