Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Agent J and Agent B

Agent J and Agent B, at your service.

that's right, we're talkin to YOU.

no problem is too great, no secret too secretive for our top secret services.

i hate to say this, Agent J...

but the potential client is looking rather dubious.

hmmm, i think you're right, Agent B.

it's time to put our money where our mouth is.
show 'em the portfolio.


Case #2455

carefree, seemingly innocent play...

yes, really the means of procuring a top secret hideout

complete with impenetrable fortifications.

Case #65-F

oh, what lovely hair you have! pay no attention to the secret photo my partner is taking with his phone while you are distracted...

and the fact that he is sending it back to headquarters via text message as we speak.

Operation "Infiltrate-the-Heart-of-the-Enemy's-Lair-By-Sending-In-A-Harmless-Toy-Box"

Classified File #26-A

have no fear:

with our subtle and sneaky techniques

the enemy won't even know we are here.

(who doesn't keep a hamper full of dirty laundry with them during all of their most confidential meetings?)

Case #375

oops... the chairs fell over.

don't mind my partner while he types in the code
for the hidden compartment located on the underside of his chair.

indeed, as is evidenced by this small sample of our work...

no box is too small for us to fit into,

no hidden message is too difficult for us to locate,

no mess is too messy for us to make,

and no one ever sees through our sweet,


even angelic fa├žade.

nobody ever suspects us.

would you?


we're Agent J and Agent B.

give us a call.
you won't regret it.


Mrs. Potts said...

How close in age are they again? They're so cute together. You make me excited to be having another boy. :)

The Gilberts said...

Oh my that was so funny! You guys come up with the cutesy ways to show pictures of them!

Linda said...

You made me laugh...again...and again. Anyone would think I was nuts to hear me laughing while reading your FABULOUS! posts. It certainly wouldn't take Agents J & B long to discover that their Grandma B is madly, insanely in love with them. (and their VERY clever parents as well) Their "secret" methods are SO endearing.

Kristen said...

How do you come up with these things! You're amazing! I love you're comic strips of the boys!

Lori said...

Up to shenanigans! I cannot believe how big B's getting! Josh is going to have a run for his money. Oh and I think that the laundry basket was my fav :)

Lora said...

I'm pretty sure that your story sequences are my favorite! It makes my day to check your blog and find another grand adventure!

Camilla said...

Aiaiaiaiaiii, this was a gooood one! Man, this must have taken you hours. Or prob not, since you're such a pro by now. If I were doing it, it would take hours.

Oh my baby boys. Two and a half weeks! Benney really does have such an angelic facade, but I think with him, it's for real. Joshie, on the other hand... It wouldn't surprise me if Joshie really WAS a secret agent, and he had you do this blogpost just to make it seem like his covert operations couldn't really be legit. That THREE year old is as clever as they get.

I love the hair playing phone one the best!

Linda said...

(this is Natalie- I have problems sometimes signing in for blogs) I liked the phone one the best too. Not only are the boys so incredibly cute, but D-elbs is pretty cute too!

Ryan said...

Just so you know, Agents J & B were recently hired out by certain clients in the Phoenix area, in an effort to sabotage their parents into coming to AZ for Thanksgiving. Just be on the lookout is all I'm saying.

Lanenga Family said...

Haha. You are so good at that! Love the pics, they are so big!

Dahlia said...

ThIs IS a SeCRet MEssAgE to AgenT J and AGeNt B:
PleAse ResCuE mE.
I HaVE BeEN dETaiNeD InsIDe My hOuSE FoR ToO lONg aNd MaY SoOn DiE fRom BoReDom.
PlEAse SeND WoRd oF a TiMe AnD PlaCE wE CaN MeEt 4 fUn.
YoU ArE My oNlY HoPE!


Trent and Meg said...

They are so awesome--and their mom is sooooooooooo creative!!! LOVE the most recent edition in the Karoly Chronicles :D

Ben and Summer said...

Awesomeness again, Adele! I have to agree with Camilla - this would have taken me HOURS. But it's so darn cute! Love those boys!

Justin and Alicia said...

I see all these comments and it makes me want to write on the wall of fame too! lol Awesome job Adele! Super cute!

Margaret said...

SUCH cute boys :) ANd SUCH cute pics of you guys on Justin and Alicia's blog! Adele - your haircut is darling!

K.E.N said...

That made me laugh out loud. LOVE.