Saturday, July 16, 2011

kill it!

The other day there was suddenly a black, squirming beetle on my bedroom floor. What did I do? Scream, of course.

Unfortunately, my hero of a husband wasn't there, so instead I resorted to plan B: Have my boys get the bug.

Jr. smashed it over and over and over again with a shoe. Then, Bennett picked it up in his little fingers and threw it in the trash can.

I know, right?? I knew I gave birth to two (brave) little boys for a reason!

Monday, July 4, 2011

the benny and junes show: a very special day.

Oh wow! Look at that parade float!
Happy Canada Day, son!

Man, this reminds me of my mission in Canada. Those were the days.
♫ O, CANA-- ♫

daaaad! it's not Canada Day!

this looks like a serious job for a couple guys i know...

mom, i'll be right back.

hey, jamesy, what's up?

you're right, man. that IS serious.
we're on it.

if you don't know about the 4th of July, Uncle Justin...

...we'll soon fix that!

you see those guys over there?

they're American soldiers,
carrying our flag in honor of Independence Day.

when bad guys wanted to take away our freedom,

great American soldiers and leaders
have done their best to protect me and you.

that's right. America has been a country for 235 years now

where we can live happy lives with our families

and wear the American flag with pride!!

happy Independence Day.

*sniff* Um, okay guys...

That was beautiful. I love America.

yeah thanks, benny and junes.
you've saved the day once again.

now i can finally rest easy.

(let's just hope my dad doesn't see this float while i'm sleeping
and think it's Little Mermaid Day)