Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Move

mom, can you zoom in a little? show them what I'm doing?

thanks. yeah, i pretty much packed the whole moving truck. but i'll spare you all the boring details about getting up at 4:30 a.m. and driving all the way to San Jose and then unloading everything (with help from some great people).

including Uncle Bryce. (he was good at lifting heavy things and giving us snacks while we drove so mom woudn't go insane since dad was driving the moving truck.)

this is our new house. mom won't let me show you any real pictures of it yet, but...

i mean, can you blame her?

let's just say there's lots more space,

some soft new rugs,

some awesome new hiding places,

and a sweet new wicker office chair that cost more than it should've but heck, it was cute. (well, that's what my mom says anyway.)

I don't know when my mom will show you the real deal in pics, so my advice is, come visit us if you want to see it.

(Grandpa did!)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

California comin' home

We are moving to California. With a pretty backyard like this and no snow, who could stay away?

We found a cute little house to rent in our price range and we are so excited about it. It's funny because we had just stopped complaining about Utah and were starting to really appreciate it. Thinking about settling down here for good. I guess that's when it's time to go.

We love you, Utah, and everything you stand for. Your CHEAP housing and real estate (man, I might miss that the most), your clean, safe streets. We love all you people here who are exactly like us-- young, recently graduated Mormon families with two kids and so many dreams (of course we love the rest of you who aren't exactly like us, but you are kinda hard to find in Provo). We love how green it has been this summer even though it is a "desert." (Sure, that's because of how much snow we had last winter, but since I don't have to live here for ANOTHER winter, I can now appreciate that snow. Okay, maybe not.)

We will miss Utah. Dearly, dearly. And all our friends who live(d) here. Most of those friends have since moved on to NotUtah and we are finally joining the crowd.