Tuesday, November 1, 2011


what be bringin' ye here to me tavern table, BlackBeard Ben?

it surre be good seein' ye after all these years, matey.

i'll be cuttin' right to th' chase
and give it to ye straight, Long Junes.

i be givin' up me pirrate ways and
be turnin' meself in.

ye've got t' be jokin' me.

'tis no joke!
i be mendin' me ways and be leavin' 't all behind.

i be givin' up the sword farrever.

and what be more--
i be turnin' ye in as well.

aye, it be high time ye--

not s' fast thar,
ya yella-bellied landlubber!

didja really think i'd let ye turn me in?

i should send ye to Davy Jones' Locker without farrther ado,

but fer olde time's sake i'll give ye a moment
t' remember arrr glory days and reconsider.

don't ye remember the time i saved ye
from a martal wound on the deck of th' Merrily Roger...

or when we dug up th' booty
buried deep for a hunderrd years?

what about when i took over night guarrd duty for ye on Head-hunter Isle
so ye could lay down that lily-livered head o' yers?

or (shiver me timbers) when we fought the drreaded
ghouls o' Jack's Lagoon side by side?

aye, join me again and i'll let ye live, me hearty.

we'll be gentlemen o' farrtune again!
treasure, gold, all the ginger ale ye ever desired,
robbin', plunderin', adventure on th' high seas!

what say ye?

look, will thar be merrmaids?

aye, matey, aye.

that thar will be.

oh, put the gun away, LJ.
i'll join ye fer sure.

t' high tides and treasures!
and t' every--

i be hearin' somethin'!
who be thar?

and just who be YE?


The Gilberts said...

OH MILANTA! So funny! I just love your commentary on pictures. Hilarious! And they both look positively adorable! :)

Meredith Williams said...

Are you serious?? This is the coolest post ever! How do you take your pictures and just make a story?
I LOVE IT! And your boys are so adorable

Lori said...

Hooray for mermaids and pirates! This was so cute, quite nice indeed. I'm glad addie was able to be brought in again this year for halloween. She looks much more the part of the girlfriend as a mermaid this year instead of an ewok like last year.

Margaret said...

I LOVE IT!!! You guys are so clever. :) I LOVE the reappearance of Addie, too - nice touch :)

Linda said...

ARRR! These buccaneers be WANTED a'right...by ME! I'd love tuh offer 'em liquid r'freshment on me own barge. Send 'em over.

And Addie be the cutest mermaid I ever did see.

Linda said...

I love your new header. The stork is gaining on your boat. Wonderful!

Kristen said...

So Funny! If you make mom another comic book this year for Christmas, I want one too! I love your stories! :)

Camilla said...

Arrrgh! Oh wait, Mom beat me to that one... Anyway- great post! Poor Bennet- doomed to be talked into mischief by his older bro for the rest of his life. :)

Dahlia said...

Argh har har!
You are Hilarious!
But not too long now until it's Benny and Josh and (New baby) Show! YAY!

emily said...

I love the pirate talk. GREAT costumes!

Lora said...

I be lovin' pirates meself! Arrrr!! What irresistible buccaneers!