Friday, April 27, 2012

And life goes on

two more babies


the boys!
(yeah... my babies get fat)


Josh (I did help a little) planted our first garden in the backyard!

lincoln's blessing: another successful family picture

the boys smiled here because we reminded them about the Easter egg hunt (a.k.a. the bribe)...
why didn't we think of that sooner?

gorgeous Grandma!!!!

Auntie Kristen gets some help blowing out her candles

Auntie Heather

jj on his new big boy bike he got for his birthday

bennett trying to be cool like jj but still too small for the balance bike

yeah... lincoln's still too young for the Bumbo.

here you see the remains of an angry bennett's tirade that he took out on the baby's forehead!

apparently this is the only blanket I ever wrap him in.
thanks to Aunties Kristen and Jenny!

his first real smile that I ever witnessed.
apparently Daddy is funnier than I am. hmph.

holding a meeting


Margaret said...

WOW it's so fun to see all your faces! I miss you guys! (even tho I've never met your kids... :) )

Lori said...

Oh those are all SO sweet!!! I love them so much! Your older boys look like twins at this point and has there ever been a sweeter baby than lincoln?! I love how he's chubbed out! Oh adn congrats on your garden. We hope to get one here in a few weeks, here's hopin!

Heidi said...

Hi Adele-
Here I am! I love reading your blog. I have been really bad about posting lately. One of these days I'll post something new!

Steph said...

You have THE cutest boys!! I especially love that last one of them all on the floor together. Fantastic :)

Linda said...

Oh-Blah-Dee-Oh-Blah-Dah. This post features a great example of a fine slice of life. Lots of examples of beautiful growing things including yummy strawberries, boys (and Grandma's waistline) So far it is safe to say that we think these are the cutest boys on earth. Aren't you glad that families are FOREVER!

Kristen said...

I love it!!!!!! I miss you guys!!!!

Camilla said...

Haha! You're funny, Mom. Of course you look beautiful, as always. Adele! Lincoln is my new favorite little boy. Cutest baby currently in infant-hood (I have to be careful what I say with sensitive older brothers around...) No, but really. Lincoln is ADORABLE. I wish I could try my hair trick on him and see if it would make him smile for me. I bet it would and then I would have a head start on Nabs and the whole fav aunt thing. Although, with Josh Sr's sisters being there so much I wonder if maybe my chances are already shot??? Not fair! Give me a chance Lincoln! I promise you won't regret it. I love you! Sigh.

Anyway, love those little Karoly boys.

The Piersons said...

Your boys are so beautiful. Seriously they sure look like brothers!

Ryan said...

"lincoln's blessing: another successful family picture" Yes. Good post, per usual.

And yes, those Blackham grandchildren get fat fast. As I said today to Camilla, "when the dam breaks, the dam breaks." You can ask her what it means.

Ryan said...

I also think another movie review is in order on your blog. You know, where you tell us what movies you've been watching lately, what was good, what wasn't, etc. Those are always a dream.

We watched part of the first episode of the John Adams miniseries (Cam said it was Josh's favorite) but then it was due back at the library and we didn't get to finish.

Trent and Meg said...

What cute boys!!! :D Love seeing updates :D

michele said...

So cute! Your life is so blessed. Did you guys arrange your family picture by height (the one w/ your parents and Josh's family) it's kind of funny. I wish I could see you guys in real life!