Monday, April 2, 2012

Do they really have more fun?

What do all these people have in common?

no... they aren't all vampires

Still having trouble figuring it out? This next one will make it obvious:

That's right: they are all FAKE BLONDES.

Look, I don't have a problem with blondes. You might say I kinda LOVE them... you know, because I married one and all. I don't have a problem with FAKE blondes either. I really don't. And heck, I don't even have a problem with fake blondes who you can TELL are fake blondes. That would be the pot calling the kettle black, now wouldn't it? (or blond in this case...)

yeah... that's me in high school.

But when you are casting someone for a movie, either cast someone who really IS blond, or keep the dang actor a brunette! They spend millions making these movies and it's the year 2012 and people walk around with computers in their pockets and STILL they haven't figured out how to make a brunette actually look naturally blond.

Do you really expect me to believe that Rosalie, the most beautiful woman/vampire in the world, has to dye her hair (because she is OBVIOUSLY a gorgeous latina woman who will never look right as a blonde)? What about Joseph Smith? Did he find time out of his busy schedule to get his hair dyed once a month? I'm sure Draco Malfoy frequently visits the salon to keep up on his roots. Oh, and give Jessica Alba some blue contacts-- that will convince us for sure that she's a blondie.

But here's the one that really kills me; this is the one that has finally pushed me over the edge:

Tell me in what universe that hair color could ever look natural. Tell me! In a starving, deprived district where there are barely enough resources to keep a bakery going, PEETA feels the need to keep his hair dyed regularly. There was nothing I could tell myself that would allow me to suspend my disbelief long enough not to be distracted by this! Just keep the kid a brunette if you really like the actor, but come on. Come on. Josh thinks it's super silly that this was the only thing I didn't like about the movie, but

doesn't this bother anyone else?

{You know I hated the movie Hanna, but they at least got something right. I didn't even recognize this little actress as the same gal from The City of Ember. Her hair dye job was awesome! Granted, she looks albino now, but job well done. I was totally convinced. They should have her hair stylist do all the movies. Meet Peeta, the albino...}


Camilla said...

First and foremost DID YOU REALLY JUST POST A PUBESCENT PICTURE OF ME ON YOUR BLOG?????? Thanks Adele; no really, thanks. Hmph.

Second, sorry to have to say it but this issue doesn't bother me very much at all. I noticed Peeta's bad hair dye job during the Hunger Games trailer and scoffed, but it didn't bother me at all in the movie. Maybe I'm just disagreeing with you because I'm still a little hung up on the fact that you POSTED A PUBESCENT PICTURE OF ME ON YOUR BLOG, but there you go.

I love you Adele, like a sister, I do, but this is pushing it... :)

Ryan said...

AHAHAH!!! I love this post because there is a pubescent picture of Cam and any pic of you with your blonde hair is amazing. So thank you very much. Oh gosh, still laughing (ol, if you will).

I have to agree with Cam that Peeta's hair job, though obviously fake, didn't distract me from the movie. Maybe you should talk to my mom. She has similar feelings about people's appearances in movies. After seeing Spiderman, I asked how she liked it, and she said "Good...but...I just couldn't take my eyes off of Kristen Dunst's crooked teeth the whole time. It sort of ruined the movie for me." So I don't know, but you might want give her a call.

And yeah, Hanna was awful.

Josh said...

I have to say that my most favorite part of this blog post was the pubescent picture of Camilla. Really that was really great.

Secondly, after watching the movie full of little whisper comments and sighs of disgust from my hot wife about how much she hated Peeta's hair I was surprised that after it was over she told me she really liked the movie. That totally caught me off guard.

Thirdly, I think the trick to dying hair, isn't as much the coloring of the hair but in making sure the eyebrows match. I think I pull off blond so well because to those that pass me by on the street I have no eyebrows. However, the real truth is that they are invisible. True blonds have invisible eyebrows, full luscious invisible eyebrows.

Linda said...

OHH! I have never seen that picture of you and Camilla! I want a copy immediately.

I never had more fun when I was blond. Also no one treated me any differently as I was led to believe they might. Although I may be the exception rather than the rule.

I agree. Fake blondness is usually quite silly.

Lori said...

Oh adele, you kill me! I LOVE you blonde, you're totally rocking it :)

Alicia Karoly said...

Dear Josh, if true blondes also have blonde eyebrows how was I born a toe-head with dark eyebrows? The interesting thing is that after I turned 16 er 17 that's when my hair started going brown underneath. However if I'm out in the sun all day it will naturally bleach it blonde.

I have friends with dark hair that will be outside just as long as I and their hair color doesn't change a bit so in my opinion a true blonde has it in their DNA and will go blonde naturally by the sun.

Totally agree with you Adele on fake blondes, some people can pull it off but some cannot for sure. Growing up I thought people were trying not to look natural on purpose because it was the cool least now you see some people with natural hair colors...probably because it's cheaper lol