Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just what does it take?

Please pay attention. There will be a quiz.

1. Just what does it take to make Lincoln laugh?
a. Reruns of the Dick Van Dyke show.
b. His dad's really funny jokes.
c. Changing his clothes.
d. Nothing. He is very serious about life and doesn't have the time to laugh.

2. Bonus question (10 points): Why is Lincoln smiling at the end?
a. He always smiles and laughs at bedtime. Then he drifts off to sleep without another peep.
b. His dad is smiling down at him.
c. His dad is blowing on his hair.
d. All of the above.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


so... my goal is to be TFBE*

* The Fattest Baby Ever

and i'm feelin' pretty good about it.

i'm only two months old and

i'm pretty fat.

at least 95%tile in every category.
just two ounces shy of 17 pounds.

TFBE, that's me.

wait, what?

my older brothers?

ha! i'll believe it when i see it.

oh, dear.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

No, it's really not!

"So this is what you look like with a waistline!"

This is how someone greeted me today.

"No, it's really not!" I replied. "Come see me in a year!"

We moved to California when I was about three months pregnant and already well on my way to tummydom. So yes, people here have only known me pregnant. I get that. But seriously, the amount of (kindly intentioned) comments about my stomach lately is out of control. Comments from men, acquaintances, people who I certainly don't want looking at my waist. Everyone has something to say about it; they tell me it's great that I'm back to normal or that I look so different now that my tummy isn't big anymore.

I probably wouldn't mind so much if I actually WERE back to normal! But I'm not, not yet. Right now, I still look a few months pregnant, and I'm working on being okay with that. I wear a lot of baggy shirts and black and squeeze into pants that I can button below my little paunch. I started exercising a couple weeks ago, doing Kettlebells and long distance running, and it's feeling good. Most importantly, my husband loves my little tummy so that is all that matters.

But does anyone else get uncomfortable hearing about how "small" their tummy is now? Or hearing the obligatory "And you look great!" comment that everyone tacks onto the end of their congratulations after your body gives birth to another little body? I tried to explain it to my hubby but he pointed out that people are just trying to be nice.

Yeah, yeah. You would see the good in people, Josh.

Don't worry, I don't think lincoln minds if you stare at his waistline.
In fact, I think he's proud of it.

No, not going to post a picture of mine (that would be ironic, wouldn't it) but here is a pic of my newly low-lighted hair. I dyed it last Monday and nobody noticed, not even my husband, who knew that I was going to do it! I guess the point of dyeing your hair is to look nice, though, not crazy different. At least, I'm telling myself that so I can sleep at night after spending $46 on it.