Sunday, May 6, 2012

No, it's really not!

"So this is what you look like with a waistline!"

This is how someone greeted me today.

"No, it's really not!" I replied. "Come see me in a year!"

We moved to California when I was about three months pregnant and already well on my way to tummydom. So yes, people here have only known me pregnant. I get that. But seriously, the amount of (kindly intentioned) comments about my stomach lately is out of control. Comments from men, acquaintances, people who I certainly don't want looking at my waist. Everyone has something to say about it; they tell me it's great that I'm back to normal or that I look so different now that my tummy isn't big anymore.

I probably wouldn't mind so much if I actually WERE back to normal! But I'm not, not yet. Right now, I still look a few months pregnant, and I'm working on being okay with that. I wear a lot of baggy shirts and black and squeeze into pants that I can button below my little paunch. I started exercising a couple weeks ago, doing Kettlebells and long distance running, and it's feeling good. Most importantly, my husband loves my little tummy so that is all that matters.

But does anyone else get uncomfortable hearing about how "small" their tummy is now? Or hearing the obligatory "And you look great!" comment that everyone tacks onto the end of their congratulations after your body gives birth to another little body? I tried to explain it to my hubby but he pointed out that people are just trying to be nice.

Yeah, yeah. You would see the good in people, Josh.

Don't worry, I don't think lincoln minds if you stare at his waistline.
In fact, I think he's proud of it.

No, not going to post a picture of mine (that would be ironic, wouldn't it) but here is a pic of my newly low-lighted hair. I dyed it last Monday and nobody noticed, not even my husband, who knew that I was going to do it! I guess the point of dyeing your hair is to look nice, though, not crazy different. At least, I'm telling myself that so I can sleep at night after spending $46 on it.


K.E.N said...

I do agree. I do hate when people tell me I look great when I know I don't and Eric would say the same thing if I tried to explain it to him. And although I don't remember what your hair looked like before, I think it looks pretty great.

Margaret said...

I dig the new hair. You are a pretty lady, tummy or no tummy. And I have a friend here who moved here at about the same point in her pregnancy as you moved to CA, and I have to say, it's been an adjustment to see her without her pregnant belly. I'll keep trying not to make tactless remarks about it. ;)

2DollarBill said...

So granted we haven't seen you in forever, but Andrew & I can tell it is differently colored & longer from the last time we saw you. Though... You look so sad in that picture!
We miss you Adele.

Alicia Karoly said...

Agreed with Mary and Drew, We haven't seen you in awhile and there's definitely a difference but not a huge one which I like because it looks natural and I think that's when people are most beautiful.

Totally agree with what you are saying....I'm sorry Adele, I'm there along with ya :)

Lori said...

I bet you do look fabby fab. Just because you're not your very most fabulous yet doesnt mean you dont look really good for just having a baby! and PS, i can totally see your lowlights, i think your hair looks great! And i love how big lincoln is already, what a cutie pie!

Linda said...

Adele, you look perfect as usual.(with emphasis on "as usual") No. No! I don't want to hear any qualifications or comments about how I'm your mother and have to say that. You have always looked exactly right to me and well...perfect. And I'm not just talking about outer beauty. Alright, alright, I'm done. I absolutely loved and enjoyed all the pictures on this post.

Trent and Meg said...

Some people seriously stink sometimes. I mean...I know they mean well, but they just should be a little more careful. I get asked when the baby is due, if we're pregnant...and yea, not even there yet (trying...but yea, not there). So sorry.

P.S. Marge--people need to know you to know that you really are trying to be kind :D

Love the new hair--wanting to change mine up a bit but not sure what to do :D Thanks for giving me an idea ;0)

Jenny said...

I feel the same way as you, having just had a baby, too. People say I look great, and I don't look or feel great at all. I can't fit into my normal clothes, I haven't lost all the weight yet, and I have a "doughy tummy". I totally "get" what you're saying.

Heidi Malena said...

Maybe I'm crazy but I don't mind the people trying to be nice saying I look good. But maybe that's because I mostly hear it from women. That I know. Or maybe it's because I have kissed my "real" waistline goodbye. But maybe the people who say you look great are talking about color or "you don't look drugged" or "why don't you look more tired?"

And why shouldn't they mention something about your size? Losing 15 pounds in a month is pretty impressive. And I have been impressed with your ability to get your waistline back. Running works? How much do you run? Diet? I still hope to get smaller so maybe you have some tips?

And ditto people's comments about the hair. :)

Dahlia said...

Hah,at least they are giving you compliments. I don't remember people saying much to me other than I look a lot like Adrienne now (My rather largish sister in law) Ouch. LOL 10 more lbs to go!
by the way... You do look GREAT!

michele said...

I agree with you, Adele! Those kinds of comments always make me uncomfortable, even if they are compliments.

And wow, cute hair!