Tuesday, June 26, 2012


i need some advice. big time.
do i keep it? do i cut it?

all that party up top,

but nothin in the back.
or anywhere else.

you're askin the right guy, lil bro.

look, it makes for a dapper Sunday combover

keeps the sides of your head breezy at night

makes ya feel all snazzy in the jacuzzi...

and it just... looks good.

besides, i've said it before and i'll say it again:
the ladies love the fluff up top.
i know from experience.

keep it, man. you won't be sorry!

thanks for the advice, big bro.
hey, bennett, what do you think?

Momma gave me a marshmallow for getting my hair cut.

* * * *

the haircut looks great, Mommy, thanks.
i think i made the right decision.
it was just time, you know?

oh, and hey, bennett said...

yeah, that's what i thought.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The other night I awoke to Bennett screaming in his sleep. I went into the boys' room to see what was wrong. He was having a nightmare!

"Joshy's not being nice!" he cried pitifully. "The candy!"

Yes, Bennett was having a nightmare about Joshy having candy, and not sharing it with him.

I kept trying to show him that Joshy was asleep in the bed next to his, but he just didn't believe me and wouldn't completely wake up. "He's not sharing! Caaaandy!" he kept crying. Finally I sang him a song and he went back to sleep.

What are your nightmares about? Sadly, Bennett's has a pretty good chance of coming true.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pie Update:

I refrigerated pie dough overnight last night and the result was REALLY disappointing. I mean, in the end it *tasted* as great as ever, but it was hard as rock when I took it out today and took an hour or two to soften. And then when it was soft, it just would not stick to itself. A real crumble-athon. I barely got it to stick together enough to put into the pie dish, even cheating like I do and picking it up with the whole sheet of plastic wrap under it.

So. I guess you shouldn't refrigerate this shortening for an extended period of time. Forgive me if you're reading this too late and you've just had a tragic experience like mine!

(I also had it stored in the garage and yesterday it was 97 degrees in San Jose, so maybe that temperature alteration had something to do with it. But the texture seemed fine when I put the pie dough rounds in the fridge last night.)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I love pie. I love to bake pies. It's the one fancy thing I can do. So I do it a lot.

I know what you're thinking: Is that really very healthy? Don't you care that you're killing your family one gram of trans fat at a time? And YES you have to use shortening to make the perfect pie crust. Don't kid yourself that butter will do the trick.

All right, I'll get to the point. I have found the answer to life's hardest challenges: organic, non-hydrogenated shortening. After looking for it in the grocery store rather passively for years, I stumbled across it at a random Target one lucky day. Bingo!

It lives up to everything I ever dreamed of. No trans fat, makes a fabulously delicious pie crust, and just as easy to work with as the normal stuff. I actually like the texture better because it isn't as icky and slimy and it's easier to get off my dishes and my fingers.

Nobody paid me to write this post (wouldn't that be nice) but I just wanted to let you know that I can't ever go back to the way life used to be. Since our neighboring Target and Costco, the only two places I ever shop, don't sell this miracle from heaven, Josh ordered me a box of FOUR from Amazon.

Is Bennett dreaming of all the glorious pies that will come of this?
Probably not. He doesn't really like pie that much.

That's a lot of shortening! They even have a subscribe and save option... but I'm thinking this is going to do it for me for awhile.

And hey, since you're probably in the mood for pie now, I just have to share THE most delicious pie recipe I, perhaps, have ever stumbled across:

Caramel Apple Pie.

Go here for the tastiest apple pie recipe in the entire world. It's a piece of cake, too. I mean, you just put the apples in, put the top of the pie on, and then drizzle sugary butteryness over the top so it can soak down through the cracks. I know. Pure genius.

Happy pie-making!