Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The other night I awoke to Bennett screaming in his sleep. I went into the boys' room to see what was wrong. He was having a nightmare!

"Joshy's not being nice!" he cried pitifully. "The candy!"

Yes, Bennett was having a nightmare about Joshy having candy, and not sharing it with him.

I kept trying to show him that Joshy was asleep in the bed next to his, but he just didn't believe me and wouldn't completely wake up. "He's not sharing! Caaaandy!" he kept crying. Finally I sang him a song and he went back to sleep.

What are your nightmares about? Sadly, Bennett's has a pretty good chance of coming true.


Camilla said...

Ummm, Bennett 'BRYCE' Karoly in the pic on the left!?!?!?!?! Wow.

And that's hilarious (in an "of course I'd never laugh at your tears Bennett" sort of way). At least it wasn't about something really scary!

drew said...

You know, atleast he could tell you what it was about. Sierra has nightmares & screams, and screams in her sleep. Eventually I always get her to sleep, though sometimes it takes a while (especially if she's hot). But I can't ever get out of her what she's screaming and crying about.

Linda said...

Sibling rivalry is always scary. And that's no joke.