Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pie Update:

I refrigerated pie dough overnight last night and the result was REALLY disappointing. I mean, in the end it *tasted* as great as ever, but it was hard as rock when I took it out today and took an hour or two to soften. And then when it was soft, it just would not stick to itself. A real crumble-athon. I barely got it to stick together enough to put into the pie dish, even cheating like I do and picking it up with the whole sheet of plastic wrap under it.

So. I guess you shouldn't refrigerate this shortening for an extended period of time. Forgive me if you're reading this too late and you've just had a tragic experience like mine!

(I also had it stored in the garage and yesterday it was 97 degrees in San Jose, so maybe that temperature alteration had something to do with it. But the texture seemed fine when I put the pie dough rounds in the fridge last night.)


Linda said...

Yup. I bet it was the 97 degree temperature that was the culprit. Sad to learn things the hard way.
The next pie crust will behave perfectly.

2DollarBill said...

Sad day! Glad you got it to work in the end.