Thursday, July 26, 2012


Some hard things about my daily life:
1. Messes. Everywhere.
2. Every day is just like the one before. Groundhog's Day. Especially when the hubs goes out of town.
3. My children fighting each other. Joshy left teeth marks in Benny's back today, and Benny left big scratches on Joshy's face today.
4. Noise. All the noise, noise, noise, noise!
5. Feeling like the internet is draining my soul away, but needing it to keep me sane and breathing at the same time.
6. Not having a bff but having plenty of friendly acquaintances.
7. My knees giving out, forcing me to withdraw from the Ragnar relay race I was training for.
8. Not being able to go out in public. Ever. To do anything.
9. Poop.

Some reasons my daily life is super amazing:
1. Messes. Everywhere. Gives me a way to serve constantly. And it feels so good when the house is clean. Plus, President Monson says I'm going to miss the messes when they're gone.
2. We have a daily routine, and there is something comforting about that. I am almost finished with an Independent Study course and it has reminded me how stressful it was being a student. Now I'm my own boss and I'll tell my own self what to think about all day, thank you very much.
3. My children entertaining each other, tackling each other, chasing each other, digging in the backyard together. They need me less and less.
4. My kids being exuberant, full of energy, and healthy enough to make all that noise.
5. Having the internet to drive me crazy and keep me sane. (by the way, is it just me, or is blogging less popular than it used to be?)
6. Insta-friends in so many gals who are in the same stage of their lives that I am.
7. Having an injury means I don't have to exercise and I can sit with my feet up and eat bon-bons all day.
8. Getting to stay home and read library books and dance to silly songs with the cutest little boys without having to do my hair or put makeup on or heck, even change out of my pj's.
9. Okay... there is nothing cool about poop. Sorry.


2DollarBill said...

You know they are so cute! And Bennett doesn't seem to look like a younger print out of Joshy any more. We miss you guys like crazy! (We walked by your old apt a while back & Sierra remembered it. Then kept asking if we could visit you.)

Ben and Summer said...

I'd say you get enough exercise carrying that chunk of a baby around! (CUTIE PIE - but chunk nonetheless.) I hear you on all those, sister!

Margaret said...

I like you. And even though my circumstances in life are different, I feel you on #2 (summer language program - study, eat, class, speak Arabic, repeat) and #5 and #6.

But not #9. Sorry.

Lori said...

I totally have noticed a decrease in the frequency of posts from the blogs I follow and also in how many comments I'm getting on my blogs. Perhaps there is a mass decline in blog interest?

As for this specific post, i agree all over the place! Both columns for sure!

Hannah Beth said...

That first pic is SUPER adorable. Thanks for being a good blogger. I love your posts!

Lora said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who has noticed the blog drop-off. I check my inbox for comments more than I should admit.

I love your posts, Adele. They are so pertinent and true. Thanks for sharing!

Dahlia said...

I weep with you! ... and I agree. It's a love/dislike relationship with life these days.
It makes me feel good though that you can also point out the good of each thing. Then I realize I can do the same thing and feel a little better!
You inspire me!

Linda said...

Once again, "opposition in all things" is actually good for you. You have my sympathy/admiration in all that you are experiencing. I so LOVE seeing your beautiful boys. Thank you for being the good mother you are.

Stephen-Karen Bowler said...

You have the cutest little boys and I'm sad that you guys are so far away now. I hope that I can be a strong mom like you with just my one little boy.

But I know what you mean about not really having a BFF. There are people to talk to and everything, but its hard when you don't have that one random person that will just walk in and say "HEY I'm here" and such.

I also have notice less and less blogging, including my own. I know I am going to start doing it more again. But I've always enjoyed looking at your blog, so thanks for posting as often as you do.

And totally not excited about the poop factor.

Linda said...

I wish I had that last picture of the boys giggling together for my wall. How about it, huh?